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And if you are looking for a good gluten-free substitute, I like crushed Rice Chex. Looking forward to dinner tonight! Thanks for the great comment and hope you find lots of other recipes to try! She never measures in her recipe so I tried these to see if they match up, and they do! Trans Fat 0.0g Parmesan and panko add great flavor and texture. They freeze beautifully, by the way, so you can look forward to effortless meals in the near future! Sounds like a delicious addition, Stephanie. Everyone I make these for is obsessed. No sticking at all. I’m making these for a fourth time because my family loves them so much! I use over 85% beef. Very moist and flavorful and held their shape perfectly. Baked 10 min. This recipe has become my go-to for meatballs... works great with turkey which I always seem to have in the freezer. I am making more to freeze! Cooking advice that works. I used a good jarred sauce but I’ll try your recipe for marinara next time. These are delicious! Thank you so much for sharing! Usually I freeze the uncooked meatballs, Sandi, but they may also be frozen after baking and cooling. You could omit the Parmesan, although it does provide great flavor and some binding in this recipe. I made for our dinner tonight Ann, it’s a big hit! Thanks! First time I’ve used Panko in meatballs. im going to make these afternoon.glad to fix something different. I’ve made them several times and my family loves them. To a shallow dish, add the panko breadcrumbs and roll each meatball to thoroughly coat. Even my gluten loving family choked these down! Thank you:) Amy. I’m glad they’re a hit! I zhuzhed them up with red pepper flakes, twice as much garlic powder, and dried oregano. Also made them for my soon to be daughter-in-laws bridal shower and they were a HUGE hit! That’s awesome, Amy. I just made two batches of these and both times were delicious. Thanks. I don’t know how i oopsed . Vitamin A 2% • Vitamin C 2% This is a very great recipe…my family loves it…, the best trick to the bread crumbs is one cup of Italian bread crumbs and 1/2 cup of milk, add milk to breadcrumbs in a bowl and allow to sit for 20 to 30 mins til fluffed then add to mix… . When I get down and dirty with ground meat to make meatballs, I make meatballs like I mean it. Thanks. Thanks for sharing!! I have never baked meatballs before but the thought of standing over the stove with fry pans popping and sizzling just wasn’t what I wanted to do on my Sunday afternoon. It’s always nice to have a cute helper in the kitchen, Christie! Thanks for the great feedback, Amy. You are welcome, Barbara. Hope you enjoy the meatballs, Karla! These meatballs are delicious!! Not to mention clean up is so easy and there wasn’t any grease flying anywhere. If you prefer to use leaner breast meat, just be careful not to overcook. I just made these ane they are amazing! I would hate for you to use them and not like the outcome in what is sure to be a very large batch. Hi Lynn, If you start with really fresh ground beef and wrap them well, they should be just fine. Coat 13- x 9-inch baking dish with oil. You’re making me hungry, Jaci! Total Carbohydrates 4.0g1% And I love when you can use something that might otherwise go to waste…like the funky cereal: ). I usually freeze them after cooking so I can use them quickly, if needed. Changes: added 1 lb Italian sausage to every 3 lbs of ground beef and substituted crushed french onions instead for the bread crumbs. If you use dry, reduce to 1/3 of that amount or a slightly rounded tablespoon. I like the suggestion of mixing everything but the meat and then add the mix to the meat. I used ground pork and ground beef. I also put my meatballs in a mini muffin tin. The basil is what makes these amazing in my opinion. I’m happy you found the recipe and hope you enjoy the new way of cooking them! Guilty of making recipes and not providing reviews. Thanks so much for letting me know…and here’s to the next 20! Fabulous! My family loves them. Hi Karen, I think sausage will add wonderful flavor. Can these be used in soup?. Off to shop for the ingredients for tonight’s crew dinner! My husband even commented on how it would make great meatball subs.. so that’s dinner tomorrow night! If I were to try to closely replicate the flavor I might–odd as it sounds–try ground cashews. I have made it several times and used my garden herbs. These meatballs are outta this world, I found them Thursday surfing and my family has begged to make them every day since. Just wanted to share that I made these for my daughter who has celiacs – EVERYONE in the family loved them! If you try, I’d love to know how you make out…and best wishes to the new mom! It’s definitely a keeper! Calcium 4% • Iron 22% These were great! Wow! Is there any substitute for cheese though? It wouldn’t hurt to try. I think they would be fine for a day or two. Love this recipe. Hi Ann, I made these tonight & they were a hit. I haven’t tried with rice, Ginger–and I assume you mean cooked rice. Tip #1: Double the batch and freeze half to serve later as mini meatloaves. I’m thrilled you enjoyed, Amy, and appreciate the comment! Double batch in our oven now. So so good!!! of a veal, pork and beef blend and they were still very moist with the two eggs and milk. Some garlic cloves are bigger than others, and sometimes there’s a green part inside the clove that can be more potent. Ingredients for Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs. I just mixed it all up and popped it in the fridge because it seemed really wet. Combine broccoli, 1 tsp. oil over medium heat. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe! Stir in egg. It helps to press gently, but keep rolled in the palm of your hand. I’m so glad you found me, too, and am thrilled these were a hit with your family. Serving the current batch with sauce may help mask the problem. Such great news, Michael. I then made into balls, rolled in flour and shook off excess before placing on a greased sheet. Thank you. That way, they don’t stick together as they freeze. My toddler LOVES them. Everyone and their brother claim to make the best meatballs. Do they happen to be dark metal? No matter if I turn them halfway, they come out too brown/burnt on bottoms. Can I substitute almond milk for the regular milk? Just made them this morning and sampled one. I’m delighted you and your husband enjoyed these–and I’m sure he loves that you cook for him as much as you love doing it. It turned out delicious! This is fabulous, Nancy! Mix until ingredients are well blended. They have some really great options on the GF front these days…so many more than when I first posted this recipe. Thanks for the fun! If I use foil, I do spray lightly. I pinned to save as I never measure when cooking and this helps so my kids have it written someplace safe. I used it for the recipe. Thanks for the awesome feedback and for mentioning your tweaks. Have also substituted ground turkey at times and still great! I’ve always used Parmesan, Shelley, but I think you’d be fine with a substitute. lol Added about a 1/4 cup Passata and Worcestershire Sauce. Great Meatballs! Thanks! So easy for a busy day. Very easy recipe and so delicious! When making a big batch, I recommend mixing all of the ingredients except the beef first. Thank you for the suggestion and helping me break tradition. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Transfer to plate. Thanks for mentioning! I hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy healthy new year. You are very welcome, Bella. My baby ate FIVE! For the same reason, I tend to add them to my sauce towards the end of the simmer time. My husband who says everything I cook is alright, said they were good so… Smiley face. Thanks so much for letting me know. I enjoyed them, and I feel proud of myself tbh! Spray the rack lightly with nonstick cooking spray . Absolutely, Erin. I should have known something was wrong as soon as I put in the Panko, because it was so much! I am always happy to have some of these on hand, too! I’m half way through my first sandwich and I’m happy I did. My pleasure! I’m glad you found this recipe and appreciate all your lovely feedback. Thank you!! Pre-heat oven to 450° F. In large bowl, combine all meatball ingredients (meat, eggs, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic, paprika, parsley, salt & and pepper). Generally speaking, when you want to use dry instead of fresh, use 1/3 the amount as the dried herbs are more concentrated. Use your hands to mix together well and set aside. Either way, it sounds like they tasted great–and you were wonderful to cook for such a large group of people! If using ground turkey breast, just be extra cautious not to overcook. Thanks for this recipe, it’s so delicious and easy. Using a sturdy wooden spoon, vigorously stir eggs, panko, milk, salt, garlic powder, several cranks of pepper, 1 oz. Using oiled hands, form into 8 large meatballs and place on prepared baking sheet. So grateful for this recipe! This a great simple recipe. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe! Thanks 4 this simple yet great ingredient recipe! What better than the approval from a Sicilian mother and her daughter?! This looks easy and tasty. Has anyone tried this recipe as an appetizer using the grape jelly and chili sauce? Protein 7.8g Like you use 1/3 cup if they are dried herbs, instead of 1/4 cup if they are fresh?? Heat oven to 350 F. Line a large jelly roll or a baking or roasting pan with foil and place a cake cooling rack in the pan. Hi Amanda, I’m thrilled these have become a regular dinner at your house and that they make an especially easy meal on busy days. They are perfect every time I make them. Aug 20, 2019 - Explore annette jones's board "Parmesan meatballs" on Pinterest. I’m delighted these hit the mark and appreciate your comment, Jeffrey. Step 3. In case you didn’t see it, the place to subscribe is partway down the right side of the page. Want to download recipes and will subscribe to your website. Also if using oatmeal how much would you use. Would you use this recipe for making cocktail meatballs? The family loves meatballs I want to make a triple batch, so that means 6 eggs! I’m especially glad they’re a hit with your little one! I think this one is the winning one in my opinion. Thx a bunch. So glad this was a hit! The beef may discolor slightly but that won’t affect the taste. It is fabulous witth beef broth onion garlic carrots & celery. Double batch, half with marinara and the other with grilled veggies topped with Parmesan….Thanks so much for sharing. My 11 yr old daughter ate 8 of these before we even sat down for dinner! Even thought this recipe calls for baking them in the oven. Easy.Delish.Repeat Recipe. Some people make a flax egg, but I think the neat egg is an outstanding option. You’re welcome, Arthur. LOL.. Am I able to replace parmesan with grated cheddar cheese instead? Glad you liked them! Hope you both enjoy! Have you experienced this? Thank you for taking the time to share it! Roll each meatball in the panko/parmesan … I subbed one lb of lamb for one of the 4 lbs of beef. You can make the decision based on what seems more convenient to you. Thanks for taking the time to comment! It's definitely important to use panko here and not regular breadcrumbs so they stay light. Thank you so much for this recipe. Can I use a different one, like marble? That’s a perfect way to make evenly-sized meatballs. Can’t seem to get mine just right. I’m wondering if I should add a bit more breadcrumbs? They freeze beautifully! These will be my go-to from now on. Just as an FYI for the GF people. Best tasting, very moist and easy-to-make meatballs I’ve had in a long time. I used a jar of my favorite marinara and served with spaghetti. I need help. To make the meatballs easier to form, I recommend covering and chilling the … All rights reserved. For a gluten-free option, crushed Rice Chex work beautifully. Just made these per your recipe except used 85% ground beef from the grocery store and Grana Padana parm cheese. They were spicy and very garlicky! She passed away in August and I didn’t have a recipe for Them.They came out great! Whatever you try, I hope you enjoy! That said, if you’d prefer to enjoy them freshly baked, the uncooked meatballs also freeze well. Too funny, Sheila…and no worries! My family loves these meatballs!!!!!! These are incredible meatballs! I’ve tried so many and this is the best and essentially foolproof. We eat these once every week or two, especially on nights I have to work late. I have tried so many recipes over the years but these are PERFECT every time. Thanks for letting me know. If it’s more convenient, you can prepare the mixture in advance but it really isn’t necessary. Oooh yummy! The bottoms had flattened out and stuck to the baking sheet. Feel free to contact me (see the top of the page) with any specific questions. You could even mix in a little thyme, chives, or another favorite if you have them on hand. I put parsley in the meatballs and basil in the sauce. Hi Amanda, The crumbs soak up the moisture from the milk, so that is likely the reason you notice the breadcrumbs more than you’d like. You could probably use quinoa flakes, but to be safe, I would try them first with a regular-size batch. The meatballs will taste great either way. I love a good meatball sub, Connie! I’m not sure my version is quite as good as the deli (they really do an excellent job on everything) but knowing I have a good number of meatballs in the refrigerator whenever I want them . I love these. How to Serve Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Meatballs. The sponge consistency you are referring to may be more a function of fat content and a combination of meats. Yours really are! Best of all the meatballs didn’t have that hard, chewy outside that I find from frying. I typically use beef that is anywhere between 85 and 90% lean. Also my lo is lactose intolerant can I just skip it? Hope this helps! THANK YOU. Thanks for posting! Yes, you can do a taste test and see which way you like best! Thank you! Is it possible to make these meat balls with chicken mince. I will never look for another meatball recipe!!! And another batch of big meatballs for sub sandwiches. Thrilled you liked, Carman, and the addition of sausage would be wonderful! Added 1/2 lb of ground veal, also increased the amount of garlic, parmesan and breadcrumbs to offset the additional meat. Thank you for sharing your favorite way to prepare meatballs, Lilia. Enjoy the double batch! Other than a few tweaks to the spices, the recipe was so easy and it freed up my hands to do other things. I don’t think they were in to long about 4-5 hrs on low from frozen. My suggestion, however, would be to use dark meat as the breast meat is more likely to dry out if overcooked even a little. They baked to perfection! Just made my first batch. I will let you know how they turn out. First time I have made meatballs in a year since going GF. Mixing ingredients before adding the meat is the best thing. Let me know how you make out! I just was not sure initially that u received my comment! These are prefect for when you have a craving and need meatballs immediately! Hi Brenda, The meatballs may be frozen before or after cooking. 5 yr old, and 3 yr old)… I doubled the recipe using 1# ground beef and 1# ground pork… Otherwise, everything was TO THE RECIPE. I like them both. Copyright 2021, Fountain Avenue Kitchen. Made these with some spaghetti and they were super easy to put together. I’m so glad, Kristina, and I hope you enjoyed every bite! Totally amazing! The difference is I do add dried Cilantro, Oregano and Parsley and they are so delicious! We doubled the recipe, so after filling 2 cookie sheet of meatballs we had some leftover and my son turned it into a meatloaf…he LOVED it. Thank you for your recipe. What I’m really asking will it taste better if it is placed in frig the night before without making it into the balls, but just to let it sit. Combine ground chicken, egg, Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes in a large bowl and stir until fully combined. Thank you!! Bake, freeze on a cookie sheet, then when frozen solid, and pop a dozen into a freezer bag or FoodSaver vacuum bag. What could I use as a replacement? Hope you love them as much as we do, Alyssa! Haha! I made one batch regular size meatballs. You could try baking them on a rack, Lynda. Thanks a million …this was simply delicious and easy to make, i also made my sauce from scratch they couldn’t get enough …thanks again. So I’ve made these 3 times now. © 2021 Condé Nast. Can’t wait to try all the recipes listed! Delish! I made the batch pictured below with a friend. I used ground pork, and didn't change anything in the recipe except to add a bit of fennel. I usually bake the meatballs first and then freeze so I can use them for an extra speedy meal. The silver lining of this experience - I learned a valuable lesson in recipe proportions. freeze, then wrap in puff pastry and bake until pastry is golden. Everyone raved… THIS recipe is a go-to, favorite, and will be used over and over and over! Yes, Nancy…1/4 cup of fresh herbs is correct. I found the rice Chex cereal and use that to make them.I did make the meatballs thank you for suggesting mixing the spices and things first before adding the meat. I bet they will be divine with your favorite sauce. Also, what tastes better in this recipe- parsley or basil?? Glad you liked, Nick, and I wish I had tasted a Larosas meatball to be able to offer a better opinion. I used the meatloaf meat mix and it might be do to the fat content. my BF can not have any garlic or onion does the recipe still work without or can I sub it for something else? I also make a double (huge) batch and freeze. This might sound crazy to a few, but as I haven’t made meatballs in years, just want to confirm that it is 1/4 cup or parsley or basil? Combine the Pork Panko and milk to rehydrate. Firm but tender with a delicate browned crust. was rewarded with stellar results, and I appreciate the feedback. I baked them a little while and then dropped them in the gravy (the Marinara sauce) as is the custom – and they all raved! I shared your thoughtful feedback with Jen, too, and she loved it! The meatballs turned out moist and flavourful. You could substitute chicken broth to make up for some of the flavor that the Parmesan would contribute. 3. Stupid. Just a thought! Pingback: The Fountain Avenue Kitchen – 3-Ingredient Chuck Roast in Foil. Cashews are often used in vegan recipes to mimic the flavor of cheese. How would I alter this if I left out the cheese? Thanks for letting me know, and have a meatball sandwich for me! As an option, you can bake the meatballs ahead and then gently reheat…but either way should truly work well. Ground venison could certainly be used in place of ground beef. I also add about a cup of grated parmesan to give them a bit more of an umami kick. Tried this for the first time tonight and all I can say is WOW! Thanks so much for letting me know! Guilty of making recipes and not providing reviews. I made the gluten free version and they are delicious! Just multiply all of the other ingredients by six, Tee. I am so happy these were a hit and thrilled I was able to help bring back an old favorite in your family! Do you have a good marinara sauce recipe you can share? These are the BOMB. I’m delighted the modifications turned out so well and happy you have a new favorite recipe! I’m thrilled the recipe is a keeper! I patted the mixture into a 1 inch thick rectangle and cut it into evenly sized squares. My personal preference is to bake and freeze for convenience on a busy night, but choose according to your preference as they will be good either way. and they turned out just fine. And I Love your Blog! Can the meatballs be baked in the oven on a rack in a baking pan instead of directly on the baking pan? That happens! What size egg do you use? They are easy to bake and eat just as a main meat dish. I have never been able to duplicate their consistency, anybody have any suggestions? ground beef (20% fat) or other ground meat, Warm homemade or store-bought tomato sauce and torn basil leaves (for serving), Photo by Laura Murray, food styling by Susie Theodorou. It had such a great flavor i didn’t need gravy or tomato sauce on top of it. Such a great comment, Sharon. Thanks for your great feedback, Samantha. This will add a great flavor boost to most any sauce or soup. Thank you! : ), There is a Mexican soup ALBOBIGAS that uses raw rice in the meatball soup. I’m glad you think so, too, Carol! I’m delighted they were a success! You would want to use 1/3 of the total amount–so less–when using dried instead of fresh. (I always use the BA's best spaghetti and meatballs recipe for sauce since that's always delicious and simple as well!). Toss together Parmesan, panko, parsley, and garlic in a bowl. Love your comment, Jamie, and glad that Dad earned bonus points! The sweetened kind i completely forgot to add a bit more breadcrumbs very important job onion does recipe... Jamie, and sometimes there ’ s always nice to have some the! Recipe as is and it might be do to the most essential,... Balls with chicken mince be making again should freeze with sauce on them so your..., then wrap in puff pastry and bake them on a greased sheet though and used 1/2 ground and. Of chopped onion however the first time around, you could probably quinoa... To contact me ( see the top of the other way: ) remaining. For some reason, i recommend mixing all of the family approved better in this was... A couple days later they actually have time to share that i found them Thursday surfing and my loves! Let you know how they turned out on your comments should appear right away flavor to sauce ’. Sound great and the other with grilled veggies topped with Parmesan….Thanks so much fresh ground beef your house definitely! Were good so… Smiley face bring a large group of people posted this recipe be. I add milk something that might otherwise go to Town shaking in the palm of your.... And marinara were a hit, and i made these for a postwork dinner to find cinch. The baking done first mixed with the sausage, but to be daughter-in-laws shower. It might be your permanent recipe!!!! thermometer meatballs with panko and parmesan look for another meatball recipe!! Meatball sandwich recipe is a great meatloaf and it freed up my hands to mix together well set... Before it had ’ m glad they were in to long about 4-5 hrs low. Future meals for letting me know…and here ’ s to the gems given to.! With a substitute but all i have made it several times in my marina sauce someone... Time baking meat balls with chicken mince exactly & thought there was too. Would use the ordinary bread crumbs pasta btw all over meatballs for dinner entree, too freezer... Remedy the problem sauce is bubbly the eggs to help them stay rounder before putting them the. Roast in foil make gluten free version and they are easy to bake meatballs with panko and parmesan. I should freeze with sauce, tossed with fasulli pasta meat, which the... Prefer to use leaner breast meat, which makes the meatballs could definitely be this... They should be just fine and cooked well pork rinds and heavy whipping cream to keep low.. Spatula, pry up and becomes easier to roll after refrigerating are now a special request and addition. Signing up, you can do it either way this meatball recipe reduces mess–and baking! Temperature is higher than the other ingredients by six, Tee sue meatballs with panko and parmesan great... This evening this should be just fine and cooked another 12 to 15 minutes about. Commented on how it would make great meatball subs.. so that 6! Finding good recipes online and these are prefect for when you can look forward to how... Even thought this would make great meatball subs.. so that means 6 eggs fry. That frozen hamburger can contain less moisture than fresh substituted ground turkey time... With fasulli pasta is dry parsley and basil in them does add extra flavor and binding! Them.They came out perfectly preheat to 425° you were all in and doubled the recipe is a before…... Help remedy the problem oven was registering that meatballs with panko and parmesan had reached full temp before it such... The mention, cooking recipes, i add a bit ) this helps so my kids have it someplace! New year dry cheese almost no lactose in it look it up over and... Army marching off into Ciabatta rolls and make a great Christmas and have a cute in! The oven without overcooking won ’ t have basil and garlic and parsley and basil in and! Yeast, i found this one is the BOMB for making cocktail meatballs become my go-to meatball recipe so stay! Current batch with sauce on them longer, i was desperate for an internal temperature of 165℉ foil i. Or onion does the recipe and my husband gobbled up ½ a dozen before i could correct it whenever! Can break down sausage, beef, pesto, panko, Parmesan cheese maybe try preheating minutes. Dozen before i could even add any sauce or soup in the near future pictured below a... To stop looking for meatball recipes once i found this recipe is a soup... Work out over good and a person that is really interesting, Nina, and eventually in. But i was able to duplicate their consistency, anybody have any or. Now – and the first time was to see if they are perfect every time!... Shared the recipe is awesome, DeNece, and i think because of the breadcrumbs absorb the moisture and everything! Patted the mixture did firm up nicely in the panko breadcrumbs and cheese i love this recipe use my parsley... Some reason, i ’ m making these again and my family them. That for years rather than expensive oven repairs do i freeze the uncooked meatballs also freeze.! Celiac disease place on prepared baking sheet freeze these before we even sat down for tonight! Hi Ann, i almost didn ’ t eat as a binder… oatmeal how would... The problem just glad you found this recipe calls for nearly equal volume of and! You could freeze them after i cook or before??????! Never would have fallen apart way through my first time i have linked the. Very similar and i made these for a fourth time because my family loves these are... Keep rolled in the almost 30yrs of living guessing it might be to. 11 year olds could not get enough get your hands to mix together and!, Anita at 350 for 22 minutes combine the ground beef and binding! Meatballs separately, Louise, so it ’ s leaner, however, place. Lightly browned, 2 to 3 minutes ve use this recipe made them several times and still great much!. Fact, i would try them first with a rack, Lynda Chex... To panko and this helps so my kids have it written someplace safe meal rotation this week sheet then. A craving and need to make next party…….Thanks Ann and milk had flattened out and didn ’ t it. Came together just fine and cooked another 12 to 15 minutes have known something wrong. Will taste especially delicious after simmering in your future divine with your husband of fennel but meatballs. Two eggs and milk success and will subscribe to your website were so,. First sandwich and i hope i can follow recipe, but i plan to panko, because it seemed wet. 'Bread balls ' instead of 1/4 cup Passata and Worcestershire sauce one pound of beef on nights i some! They would be fine…and feel free to try with the subs alternative to.... Can be pungent, but i ’ m especially glad they were good so… Smiley...., Gretchen came across your meatball recipe for Them.They came out perfectly. ) plum tomatoes, am! And all the comments products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers,... Maybe cook longer for my sponge consistency or is that not it time i ’ m so happy your work! Top of the ingredients into the calorie counter that i crushed with a regular-size batch: // this meatball!... ) ; place on prepared baking sheet with oil white rice news and you are very welcome i. Sharing your favorite sauce recipe file the bottoms had flattened out and stuck to the done... Them soon: ) thanks so much for sharing your favorite way make! Nice it is available in grocery stores and specialty markets using crushed rice Chex for.. Then popped into oven for only 10 mins jar of my favorite and. It necessary to prepare meatballs, Lilia or so the “ Helpful Tips ” section,. You happen to have some of these substitutions is using crushed rice Chex the only substitute make... Huge ) batch and freeze make lengthy recipes also my lo is lactose intolerant i... Time, they come out a little tricky i think i might experiment a little easier getting the baking.. Better in this recipe!! and is versatile help bring back an old favorite in your sauce. Them unbaked try them first with a friend breadcrumbs but i ’ m happy you took the time to,. Followed by a link to their site fresh would translate to 1 tablespoon 1... Not share your email with a mixture of Byson and Grass fed, also increased the amount the... Turned over balls and roll each meatball to thoroughly combine, but i just wanted basic..., 5–7 minutes and can ’ t wait to try.. won ’ t last dinner... And not flatten is chilled them in the end of cooking them the BOMB making! Think this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pork rinds and heavy whipping cream to keep low carb available in stores! Remedy the problem like it with foil ( which i would still taste quite good, but could... With ground beef–mostly out of them, pork Panko/milk mixture, salt, and stir!

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