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the law of commandments contained in--Greek, "the law of the commandments (consisting) in ordinances." Thus he appropriately shows regard to the claims of the Jews and Gentiles: "the prophets" representing the old Jewish dispensation, "the apostles" the new. It isn’t just that when you’re saved you get your sins forgiven plus nothing. "Nature," in Greek, implies that which has grown in us as the peculiarity of our being, growing with our growth, and strengthening with our strength, as distinguished from that which has been wrought on us by mere external influences: what is inherent, not acquired ( Job 14:4 , Psalms 51:5 ). We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. This expression implies an outwardly more decorous course, than the open "walk" in gross sins on the part of the majority of Ephesians in times past, the Gentile portion of whom may be specially referred to in Ephesians 2:2 . That’s total depravity. but--The oldest manuscripts add, "are." That’s the problem. "Of yourselves" stands in opposition to, "it is the gift of God" ( Philippians 1:29 ). We have not only sinned against his law, we have killed his Son. Mercy for the sinner. Not merely is it, we had our way of life fulfilling our fleshly desires, and so being children of wrath; but we were by nature originally "children of wrath," and so consequently had our way of life fulfilling our fleshly desires. Have I been exalted?” Yes. I always think about the drawing-room function I read about years ago. Therefore, if he gets glory by pouring out grace on you, he’ll do it. This is the sexy 70s. Translate as in Ephesians 2:5 , "Ye are in a saved state." . are--Greek, "have been." Thirdly, salvation is from sin by love into life, into life. 15. He just does what the world does. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift … “Glorified him not as God.” That is sin. If you’re a Christian, you’ve already been raised from the deadness of sin, and maybe that’s a great miracle than physical resurrection. Stock No: WW23582. Sin is really not an issue of what you do but of what you fail to do. The MacArthur Bible Studies provide intriguing examinations of the whole of Scripture. You live by faith every day of life. He does not say, "on the right hand of God"; a prerogative reserved to Christ peculiarly; though they shall share His throne ( Revelation 3:21 ). Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus.Paul's one but all-sufficient claim on the Ephesians is his relation to Christ: he is Christ's apostle, not only as sent forth by him, but also as belonging to him; elsewhere his servant or bondman. You gotta have it. I'll never forget reading in Reader’s Digest about a city that converted from a storage water-tank system to a pipe system. It’s manifest in what they don’t do and can’t do, and that is to reach the standard of the glory of God. The lusts of his flesh that’s epithumia and it means strong, evil passions here. And he reaches out to love those of us who are dead in sin. Secondly, to understand the power of God, look at your resurrection and your exaltation. So salvation is from sin, by love, into life. of the partition" or "fence"; the middle wall which parted Jew and Gentile. Guest. It doesn’t mean that everybody is literally indwelt by Satan like Judas was, but it means Satan is behind the influences. What do I do to be saved?” And the man was taking all the tent apart. "God justifies the believing man, not for the worthiness of his belief, but for the worthiness of Him in whom he believes" [HOOKER]. You’re doing what the world dictates. You are walking according to the course of the cosmos.”. The redemption of the body. 13. now--in contrast to "at that time" ( Ephesians 2:12 ). Quickly, quickly.” And so he took off running and I ran after him. Do you realize how dead you were in verses 1-3? This text presents the immeasurable nature of God’s grace which has totally changed both our reality and conduct forever. You could have 20 dead corpses and they could all have varying degrees of decay. Paul supposes a stone or rock so large and so fashioned as to be both at once; supporting the whole as the foundation, and in part rising up at the extremities, so as to admit of the side walls meeting in it, and being united in it as the corner-stone [ZANCHIUS]. The point is it’s what you don’t do, and you don’t live a holy life. Jesus recognized that. He draws them into active disobedience to God. Well here is the definition of that, and there’s a lot of confusion about it. There was a balustrade of stone which separated the court of the Gentiles from the holy place, which it was death for a Gentile to pass. It is an age alienated from God, and he has a mind alienated from God. And yet God reaches out and says, “I know you did that, but I offer you unconditional and complete forgiveness.” And so it is that God in his great love not only sees his law satisfied but he sees his love satisfied. He is promoting concepts. It speaks more of the ideological world of sin, the conceptual world of evil, the system of Satan, the system which he generates. In chapter 2, we find the apostle Paul describing the very process of salvation, the very act of salvation, the very miracle of salvation that drew us into realizing this eternal plan. in Christ Jesus--Our union with Him is the ground of our present spiritual, and future bodily, resurrection and ascension. You say, “What does it mean to be alienated from the life of God, dead to God?” The best way to see it is in reference to physical death. of Translate, "He came and announced glad tidings of peace." Thus "the blood of Christ" is made the seal of a covenant IN which their nearness to God consists. © 2021 Grace to You. A man does not kill and thus he is a murderer. I think about the apostle Paul who’s there, all the people who’ve gone to be with him. He’s right up on them; he’s current. And why? They viewed them as uncircumcised dogs. holy--as being the "habitation of God" ( Ephesians 2:22 ). We are not saved by, but created unto, good works. It doesn’t matter what the stimulus is, no physically-dead individual ever reacts to any stimulus. Not a coffin. That’s living. We sent you an email. And some people say, “Well it means that Satan is around the earth.

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