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This buck and other bucks I have hunted in my experience will return to an area using the same trail if they are not alerted to human presence or danger. Just bring your boots and expect to do a lot of walking! The game plan was to rattle and grunt with the wind in my face working my way to a forked forest road, then walk my way back to the car. These relationships are crucial to the continued success of wild game populations in North America. Feb 21, 2015 - We've told you what shed hunting is; here, we teach you how to get outdoors and get results. How to make the most of your spring shed-hunting trips. Bone Collector, featured on the Outdoor Channel with hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis "T-Bone" Turner, take viewers on hunting journeys. If you want to come for a shed hunt, it is possible. Nothing came to the rattle, maybe I’m like a finger paint artist or something…. And once you find your first shed, you’ll realize you’ve learned a fair amount about wildlife and their habits. Latest. I don’t blame them — it’s a lot of work. These tactics aren’t to much different from the way whitetails are pursued, although the terrain, diet, and behaviors of the blacktails are slightly different. Email Us, Deer, moose, caribou and elk grow antlers in the spring and summer and shed them in the winter. In addition to all these benefits, our metal is eco-friendly. Hours Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM Saturday: 11:00AM–3:00PM. Iowa offers some of the best shed hunting the country has to offer. Calmly the second buck started to walk away after he lost curiosity in the movement he had detected earlier. The arrow disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye and the buck took off running towards the other deer. Every year since the sixth grade (12 years ago), I have been gifted  the ability to hunt bears in Alaska. I hung my stand and took off to search for more sign in the area not limiting myself to only one option. When Lessons Learned in the Wild Find Their Way into Regular Life . There was as small road closed to all motor and atv vehicles, a great place to go with minimal if any foot traffic. Reading everything I possibly could online about blacktail hunting, I learned that hunters have mixed success from tree stand hunting, still hunting, and spot and stalk techniques. Drawing on previous experience from my 2013 blacktail hunt where I harvested a beautiful blacktail doe, I knew one particular tactic that would give me a great place to start. Using my iPhone maps app I drive to the selected national forest road a few miles outside a small surf town on the coast of Oregon. I picked it up and sold if for $420 on EBay. The next morning we woke up to a hot breakfast and several cups of coffee (much needed after trying to keep up with the mushers all night). The Mission Alaska adventure was, again, one for the ages. I am proud to say that this tradition of spring bear hunting in Alaska has shaped my culture and parts of who I am as an Alaskan. If you're a neatnik, you'll need to either pick a low-shedding breed or relax your standards. I continued to paint the entire clear cut as if there was a battle royal of the biggest bucks in the area all throwing down for the hootenanny. Year of the moose… It seems like this year bull moose were abundant in many parts of the state. Snow conditions dictate our luck and abilities to navigate the back country. Every year since the sixth grade (12 years ago), I have been gifted the ability to hunt bears in Alaska. The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindle. We do have a few trail camera pictures with both side missing already which seems to be earlier than normal. HUNT INCLUDES: * 3 full days of shed hunting * Lodging - 4 days & 3 nights. This is "Alaska Moose Shed Hunting 2016" by Gary Abbott on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Its these moments that are seared into my mind after a successful hunt, savoring the nostalgia of the effort placed in the adventure. This gorgeous shed found by @bgilbey. Secondly, I concentrated my efforts on one particular area on a system of clear cuts, using one specific road. While out scouting for dall sheep I always like to look for moose sheds. Latest. Bingo! You will be hard-pressed to find a better big bull moose hunt anywhere. However, this is my first Columbian blacktail buck with traditional archery equipment and any animal harvested with true stick and string in my book is a trophy. Living the Alaskan dream with Adam and Tana Shed Hunting. Calling to me is like painting a picture, the first step is to set up and begin the rattling sequence after a 5-10 minute silent pause. Enter your email address to subscribe to the MISSION ALASKA blog and receive notifications of whats new by email. By Tony Hansen. This is a photo of me cutting bear back strap (in preparation of our beast feast over open flame) on a moose antler found during this 2009 spring bear hunt. After the mushers got their dogs fed and put to bed we all got to enjoy good conversation and a hot meal at the Alpine Creek Lodge (Race checkpoint and turn around location). During the growth process, an elk or deer’s antlers can grow up to an inch or more a day. I knock an arrow and take off my boots and pack to sneak within 20 yards for another shot if necessary. Realizing the “pin dropped” location was further than anticipated, I knew I had a extra mile or so to the car and needed to get back to town for lunch plans.

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