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BRASS / ENAMEL BADGE - GAUNT Well detailed , solid centre which has been nicely domed out giving the badge a really good look. Beautiful h/m brooch. V.G.C. Handle mounts good with some slight service wear and light scratches. 4TH V.B. SCOTTISH HORSE- BRASS COLLAR PAIR High relief to QVC and Starv of the Order of thr Thistle. OFFICERS DIRK BELT No distortion. Scarce these days even in China! Well detailed. They became the 5th Black Watch. V.G.C. WW2 R.A.F.SHORT STYLE GREATCOAT - 1942 DTD. T slightly bent. BLACK WATCH SILVER FROSTED OFFICERS COLLAR DOGS - PAIR HITLER YOUTH KNIFE HANDLE DIAMOND Original helmet plate, which has left it's impression on the helmet shell. Good condition. R.S.V.E.A.B.C. Old polish residue to back. WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDER SPLIT MOTTO CAP BADGE Measures approx. Very rare white metal title for the River Forth garrison who protected Rosyth naval base and the Forth Bridge. 100% original officers map in superb condition. Detail is good and correct with no rubbing. Gilt to 100%. The government authorized formation of militia regiments. The Rice book on German helmet codes confirms this left the factory as a Kreigsmarine single decal. Rare. Marked “JENNENS & CO. LONDON“ to rear. These bent over,likely to have been removed from board. Good example by the maker Sternhauer &Luck. Higher price due to condition and quality. NIce original 3 ribbon bar comprising Russian front, EK & War merit with swords. Scarce . Original glass ink insert also surprisingly , still present. Very nice embroidered Great War titles. V.G.C. Nice condition embroidered example with outer rope twist for NCO's. piper from the '50's till the mid '60's. Another one of the Brenneise bring backs. No damage and with lovely detail. Retains most of it's black painted finish. Kirkwood, 66 & 68 Thistle St. Cast brass with nice age toning . Heavy. WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS SHOULDER TITLE As nice as they come. Pin back. Beautiful detail with no rubbing or damage. Unmarked silver. V.G.C. V.G.C. Brass with slider. An absolute steal at this price !! Good liner with very faint stamps which looks like " V A 1939 ? No rubbing or damage. Larger size . Now selling off my collection which came from the best to come over the door in the last 45 years. Lovely example. GERMAN FIRST PATTERN H.J DEUTCHE ARBEITER-JUGEND MEMBERSHIP BADGE WW1 ESSEX SCOTTISH GLENGARRY marked to back, " STG 95 ". Great example with full length ribbon.Retaining all the original gilded finish. BAYONET. Amazing looking ring with a large size skull. Concave. WW1 K.O.S.B. AU $61.98. Slider. 33 and a third RPM so you can playing along with your Deep Purple L.P.' s, gives you 2 different colours ! Slight service wear, didn't sit in an office this one. Pretty much all paint remaining . VICTORIAN - 5TH VOLUNTEER BTN. Scarce. Nice grouping to Sgt. V.G.C. Large size, named to rear apron. There is a period photograph of him mounted on a horse and the sword is clearly visible. Main blade with some age / usage. It's had poppers fitted at a later date around the top band. Nice streaking to the back. Scarce. WW2 CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) BLACKENED SHOULDER TITLE Silver with it's black age patina. Maker mkd. " Good stout 2 piece example. of the Argylls. Silver with 800 stamp. Well made top quality tab. WW2 NAVAL BRASS NIGHT SIGNALLING TORCH - ATTRIBUTED Good wood grips. Good One Look original. Found in Jersey after the war. Retaining all it's blackened finish. - 1941". 2 lugs to rear. V.G.C. Crossguard with oak leaf design. 3 pad leather liner with ink maker stamps to 2 pads, interestingly both different. No signs of ever having been badged. Evidence of collar dogs. Excellent condition full wrap around kilt apron for wear over the kilt in combat. 1st Battallion was posted to India in 07/09/1919 and served there until 03/1926 . BOER WAR - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. Maker marked J & co. (Jennens). The bayonet has brass grips, smooth on one side and grooved on the other. Good 2 piece example. Scarce. Brass tip present. Retains most of the original paint and leather chin strap. AIRBORNE PARA - TICKET FOR Iconic Aviator shades. Very rare Khaki Drill tunic as worn in North Africa and the Middle East . Top with a bit of denting but overall well above the standard of what is out there and not polished to death. WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BRASS SHOULDER TITLE PAIR Maker stamp "T.D.". Buried Bourdon Cemetary. Outside strap with " Edinburgh City Artillery " and a strap across the bottom with , " Volunteers " H.L.I. Brass back plates. Heavy chrome plated quoit with thistle design. WW1 BRITISH OFFICERS PRIVATE PURCHASE KHAKI TUNIC Non combatant type with no swords. Hobson tablet to rear. This one never had them. V.G.C. Slider. V.G.C. Retaining almost all it's officers bronze finish. Rare title.Brass. Measures 6 feet by 43 inches approx. Size 56 approx. All letters fretted out and not a modern Dremel job like most I see out there. This is one of 6 purchased a few years ago. WW1 BROOCH 1949 and W.D. To the centre on a scroll, " Royal Corps of Signals " and below that the soldiers 7 digit number and name. 2 lugs to rear. Clear lenses.Brass construction . HITLER YOUTH - NORDSEE - 5TH WARGAMES BADGE - MAKER MKD. Top with Maltese type cross in relief with grey crowned Crane to centre. Sharp detail. WW2 GORDONS SHOULDER SLIDE - NORTH AFRICA CAMPAIGN Very clean example. 4 piece construction of Golphic Crown and cypher and silver thistle surround with Sphinx ( Egypt Battle Honour ) and across the centre a tablet with " Alamein " in raised letters on a seeded ground. Very nice long scroll example circa the 2nd World War. Btn , 2 Komp. Long lugs for wear with feather bonnet. Leather trim. Tail Up " cat for the Victorian period. 596.Clean blade with profuse stampings , 7'90 - 97, 197, V.R. This is a nice early Polizei Visor Cap-eagle (Mützenadler). 3 lugs to back. PLAID BROOCH Nice RZM & maker marked M1/14 example. ( Dunoon ). to top with political eagle. Pebbled aluminium buckle Droop Tail eagle. In the pocket of the tunic I found his DSO and military OBE ribbon bar. The bonnet has the distinctive black and white dicing worn only by them. WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS GLENGARRY The case is side hinged revealing a machined winding disc and hand adjustment knob to the rear. Hand embroidered and now difficult to find an old panel. 38 ins. No rubbing or wear. Good example in brass. Good condition. Cracking example of a brass Verners compass. Nice alloy day badge for Frankfurt am Main. Questions and answers about this item. Has it all Anderson tablet to the back and maker marked , H.T. Uncleaned but will come up a treat if desired. Hand written on the back, " The 51st ( HD) Div arrives in Tripoli January 23rd 1943. Fitted with it's original solid centre badge, this was classed as a 2nd Btn. Beautiful condition with no rubbing or damage. V.G.C. V.G.C. GERMAN WW2 WEST WALL MEDAL Nickel silver ball top with Kings crown over a Regimental device with a Sphinx on an " Egypt " tablet with " 79 " below. V.G.C. Possibly also for the waist belt centre. Excellent example of this very rare S.B.P. Without God it is in Vain. 193rd badge has a nice pickled finish. (T.d.D.H. Nicely mkd. FREIKORPS - HAMBURG CROSS - FELD ABZEICHEN - GROUP A rarity. All badging etc. This could be pushed out but I like it because it's picked up the dent during it's working life. Nice vet souvenir bring back. V.G.C. Some finish loss due to service wear but quality badge as you expect from Firmin. Maker mkd. Nickel. Looks possibly unissued or a guys spare badge. NSDAP / SA BELT BUCKLE - SUN WHEEL SWASTIKA Long scrolls with "THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - 9TH BTN HLI". CAMERON HLDRS. This will be a easily researched sword. All original early helmet which are difficult to find these days. Beautiful badge. Great group. on the back with RAD in a triangle and " Ges Gesch Elm " Mint condition. 6th BTN. GROSSDEUTSCHER REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1939 KASSEL DAY BADGE Superb looking alloy tinny for 1st Greater-German State War Veteran’s Day. Bottom sprung part of leather fastener absent as is one side loop. Seam is towards the front which is not uncommon and I've had/seen this on many other helmets. Very striking seven piece example with long scrolls. Twice wounded officer ( field promotion ). Very good example tinnie made with leather. Silver lugs to rear. -1924 SILVER H/M OFFICERS BADGE - ANDERSON Button and leather loop shoulder fittings not stitched in . ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS WW2 CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE Black painted swaz. I have included a photograph of the various items found and the ring can be clearly seen. Light rubbing to lettering otherwise A.1.. CAMERON HIGHLANDERS VICTORIAN SPORRAN BADGE Still on it's original card. No rubbing or damage. Blue enamel with no damage. Stout original correct overlong pin. There is another photo of skeletal remains. Strong badge. Scabbard leather very good with none of the usual frailty and rot. Made as a 2 lug example. V.G.C. Good condition with maker marked to rear. V.G.C. WW1 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS - RARE WHITE METAL COLLAR DOG Circa WW1. Net good. AUSTRALIAN VETERAN NUMBERED LAPEL BADGE - AMOR SYDNEY "2nd MD R121" to cross guard. Measures approx. V.G.C. GERMAN 3RD REICH 1ST WINTER SPORT SA GRUPPE THURINGEN 1934 DAY BADGE Good original of this much faked badge. KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB) POST '52 CAP BADGE Nice " Silver " mkd. Rare badge. Nicely detailed. Dark toning, giving it a lovely reddish look. 1918 DATED BRITISH VERNER’S Vlll COMPASS WITH LEATHER CASE - NAMED Above this a beautifully done bullion wire crown with coloured inserts. Top Rated Seller Top … Finial top very well detailed. This one from British officer's estate who served in Burma. No rubbing or damage. No rubbing or damage. Low price. It was granted Royal Warrant on 10 February 1794, and first paraded on 24 June 1794, originally being numbered the 100th Regiment of Foot. so still in use after 1881. RAF WW2 CAR RADIATOR BADGE ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS - NCO'S ARM BADGE No rubbing or damage. WELSH DIVISION SHOULDER COMBINATION No blade. Scarce heavy weight snow suit as used by the SAS in WW2. Stag in relief. Also War and Defence medals , the latter with Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaf. ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - 1896 GLASGOW SILVER SPOON Striking looking. Superb condition with good working locking springs. Rare. Sergeants strips to right sleeve. on tropical KD shoulder slide. Quilted lining to crown with London makers label. Attributed, details only to buyer. Circa WW1. A good nicely toned, die struck example in white metal .Age patina, will clean up nicely if desired. The infantry and mounted infantry divisions were composed of about 1,400 men recruited mainly from existing volunteer regiments in London and Middlesex, while the artillery division was composed of about 150 men recruited from the Honourable Artillery Company and the City of London Artillery. WW2 BRITISH NO.5 JUNGLE CARBINE BAYONET - FROG Nice eagle. Original pin and hook. Very clean throughout. Metal cup. Very clean with no damage or rubbing to high points. Scarce blades fitting. SEAFORTH OFFICERS COLLAR BADGE to Marshall & Aitken to the rear. Amazing condition and straight from the grand son of the soldier. Graticules. Long scrolls . No wear or damage. GERMAN WW2 HITLER YOUTH JUGENDFEST 1943 BADGE H.L.I. No rubbing or damage. Size 7 stamp.Also rectangular stamp with " N S ". OFFICER SILVER FROSTED CAP BADGE COLLAR DOGS Research shows him as 192159. No damage to enamal. Original Red Guard armband. Unmarked silver / gilt. Small surface stress crack to one tail fin otherwise A.1. Website designed Good genuine example with both blades undamaged. Silver with great detail. Excellent condition flag. Possibly due to shortages of the standard cap badge. Overlong pin , correct for the period. CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) WW2 BATTLEDRESS COMBINATION Marked with W.D. No chinstrap. Nice detail and refief. Silver plated. Uncleaned but will come up nicely if desired. 2 ski medals. OFFICERS DIRK BELT PLATE Very good leather skull picklehaube with brass fittings. 2 collars,2 shoulder titles and 2 buttons. Correct over shot pin for the period. to back for Fattorini B/Ham. Cast silver star. V.G.C. Beautiful example with Birmingham hallmarks for 1917 and maker stamped "B & P (Brent and Parker). WW1 ROYAL SCOTS SLIP ON SHOULDER TITLE PAIR - UNISSUED WW2 - BLACK WATCH - PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE Very rare helmet with red / white painted diced square to the left side. Buckle good with finely detailed plate. Those men remained under his command with unswerving resolution and loyalty for so long as they were fit and able. Hex lugs. Quality example by "B.p. Silver lugs. Left uncleaned as found. Thistle wreath with fine detail. V.G.C. For 38 Enfield or Webley. Very nice example of 3rd Gurkhas - Queen Alexandrias Own, WW2 era cap badge. Comprises, Birmingham hallmarks for 1917. Leather very good. 9 ? for service in North Africa. Hex lugs. Rare officers badge for the forage cap. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. Worn by the 4th and 5th battalions. Red and blue enamel on a silvered brass base. Blade good overall with some surface rust. Standing out in relief " Villers/Pol, 13th Bn. Want an item to the Argylls no one has , these are it. V.G.C. Nice age toning. WW1 vet. A now scarce item being the brass sleeve badge worn by pipers before the introduction of the cloth version. Good handle with none of the usual chips, car filler etc. Circa 1950. Silver plated nickel. Rare piece being the button/ badge and chain for a neck fixing , presumably for a cloak. HIGHLAND BRIGADE (51 HIGHLAND DIVISION) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE ARGYLLS WW1 - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SILVER PAGRI BADGE As per the normal badge but with the addition of a "2" within the strung bugle. 92ND OF FOOT (GORDON HIGHLANDERS) VICTORIAN PIPERS CAP BADGE Rare original of this much faked SBP. 71972 - 1917. Uniform removed . Any info appreciated but priced to sell. ROYAL TANK REGIMENT WW2 CAP BADGE Nice example of an officers St. Andrew collar badge as worn on the OSD tunic. Nicely impressed with makers details " Heath Machin & Co, Walsall - 1918 " No moth or damage. CAP BADGE Brass with nice red and blue enamel inlay. Blank scrolls below sphinx and tiger for volunteers. ARGYLLSHIRE HIGHLAND RIFLE VOLS. There were only a handful of bridges named after him and to have one directly attributed to a specific bridge enhances the sign further. Good genuine example. WW2 GERMAN NSDAP PARTY BADGE BUTTON HOLE - RICHARD SIMM & SOHNE GABLONZ Slider. GERMAN P.O.W. Bronze. WW2 GERMAN SA DAGGER - ANTON WINGEN JR Nice stick pin with uncleaned age toning. The helmet is complete. This is a 100% original ticking all the boxes. Original stout pin and hook to rear. 8TH INFANTRY DIVISION PATCH PAIR - REMOVED FROM UNIFORM- ATTRIBUTED Fluted handle and nice deep etching with " Allied Gulf War Victory 1991 " on his desk. Good " Been There " example from the Great War. Silk/leather lining. 54. Tail Down cat. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 SILK HANDKERCHIEF size 50 mm x 36 mm. Approx. Slight use wear otherwise very good. BLACK WATCH OFFICERS LONG SCROLLS FEATHER BONNET BADGE On Raf blue cloth so probably produced for wearing there as part of a team ? Charles Taylor. Rare WW1 bi metal cap badge retaining it's bright finish. Very clean condition and c/w camo net and scrim. Black glengarry C/w rosette, this often removed by Black Watch soldiers but present on this one. Gold finish now gone from as often is the way with zinc but still has gold pin. Old residue to back. No liner as you would expect with serious damage like this but not a relic, rather a battlefield period pick up. Large size " R.S." maker mkd and 44 dtd. Geen wool with gold trim. Detail in relief. Fixed belt loop present, detachable belt loop now absent. Thin metal as often found on Great War examples of this and some of the Black Watch badges, especially the No Sphinx Volunteer one. Nice piece of metal insignia, possibly from an officers visor cap . Leather trim , supple and in good condition. Water plume retains most finish. Very good example in good working order. Stout original pin and hook and also has a fine safety chain with a pin so you did'nt lose it. Near mint. and has removed that part of the insignia. GERMAN WW2 HEER TROPICAL BELT 42ND HLDRS. Nice detail. Colonel William Mackinnon served as Colonel commandant of the corps, with Major Gilbert McMicking in charge of the Field Battery, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Cecil Cholmondeley in charge of Mounted Infantry, and Arnold Keppel, Earl of Albemarle in charge of Infantry. and arrow stamping. G. Single tape to back. Circa the Great War. Super rare. Profusely mkd. CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) SILVER/ENAMEL SWEETHEART Good condition although there is some crazing to the white part but no loss. WW2 GERMAN 1939 FREIBURG SPORTS DAY BADGE - RARE MAKER Good largish size 5.5 x 4.5 cm. Brass economy with gilded finish , this present to almost 100%. Kilt type buckles, lined waist. Nicely stamped with their logo. WW1 GERMAN SILVER WOUND BADGE Silk tails a/f. On the face , a central emblem of an eagle, with wings outstretched, in black enamel. Nice One Look original 4 piece construction. The brass helmet plate, with the Russian double-headed eagle perched on an Amazon shield and two decorative curls to each side, was common to all infantry regiments; only the regimental number, which in the case of officers was picked out in silver, was subject to change. V.G.C. Scottish Golphic crown. Very rare buckle in near mint condition. Very good pre WW2 example. Marked RZM M/24. WW1 TRENCH ART MANS BRACELET Beautiful high end piece in unmarked silver. Beautiful piece , the only issue being the original loop fixings are absent from the back although it's easy to see where they've been. Super rare. 17TH / 21ST LANCERS CAP BADGE -BRONZE - FIRMIN From an old collection of Royal Scots items belonging to a deceased collector which I bought many years ago. scroll. Lovely condition with clear detail. T 993 to rear skirt. Comes with it's white buff leather belt. The early pics are in service dress and later shots in Battledress. Scabbard with very good leather and marked to top mount "478 ". Correct heavy ribbed material and thin chinstrap for the great war. Silver St. Andrew. Rear fixings present. RZM M1/77 (Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim),mkd. As per early Argylls example with shallow shape and leather trim. Original chin cords good but shortened by the soldier. I have fitted this and as it's the part that's always broken or stretched it really makes for a cracking pair of Goggles. Rare tunic. Came with no ribbon but I will supply a modern ribbon with it. VICTORIAN - 3RD BTN. Nice high relief to script. 2 lugs to rear. All straps buckles and studs excellent. The other items date to the Boer War and are available in my other listings. No damage or shortening. WW1 CEF, 138th Battalion Edmonton Collar Badge Pair ... Add to Watch list Remove from watch list. THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS (H.L.I.) ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS 1904 BIRMINGHAM SILVER PLAID BROOCH 1917 on the tang. The etching is clear and sharp, however, and both sides of the blade are decorated with the thistles of Scotland with the GRV cypher also to one side of the blade. Bi metal lapel badge in the fashion of an officers badge. Regimental device in w/m. 185 cm W x 124 cm H. LARGE COLLECTION OF 3RD REICH AWARDS & BADGES - AMERICAN VET BRING BACKS FROM THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE Off "Reserved " due to non payer. Very nice die struck example of this scarce collar. V.G.C. Rare cap device for glider pilot. Ruby garnets to eye sockets. V.G.C. GERMAN D.D.A.C. WW1 ROYAL SCOTS GREYS CAP BADGE V.G.C. BRONZE/GREEN ENAMEL SWEETHEART BROOCH Beautiful presentation piece in unmarked silver. Bottom metal mount absent. Steel Helmet Visors The original to helmet sacking cover is named to Alan Bain as is the helmet. OFFICERS FRETTED CAP BADGE Heavy chrome. ARYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. BELT 1937 GERMAN / AUSTRIAN SOLDIERS DAY BADGE V.G.C. One Looker. Beautifully embroidered panel from either a bandsman music stand or the silk side of a pipers banner. Good late war bevo o/r's collar tab. One Look original vet bring back. C/w original ribbon. MIDDLESEX REGIMENT WW1 OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE - BLADES CAP BADGE - 1859 / 69 WW1 BLACK WATCH MINIATURE DRUM rear fixings good. Scarce. Not an exact match but were worn as a pair. Other than the finish loss condition is good. Front panel with 2 small holes and a half inch tear. Original vertical pin to rear. 3rd Dragoon Guards Cap Badge British Army World War one WW1 insignia Military WW2 First Two lugs the rear. S Schwerin, Berlin ". GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJAGER GERMAN HELMET A great example of a late war paratrooper helmet. Old polish residue to back. V 6E/392. Excellent, retaining most of it's bronze finish. Nice button sweetheart. C/w original cotter pins. 1917 HALLMARKED SILVER SEAFORTHS OFFICERS BADGE This one especially good as it comes with it's original to it, pin back Gordons pagri badge, a rarity in it's own right. A fine example of this WW1 classic fighting knife. V.G.C. Rare brass shoulder title to the Highland Cyclists Brigade ( Territorial ) affiliated to the Black Watch. Exactly as found but will clean up if desired. Brass. Lot details painted over. No enamel damage. (OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS) SHOULDER TITLE Marked "30" for Austrian maker "HAUPTMÜNZAMT, WIEN". Rare Top mount with American belt clip fixing. Good example with some light service wear. v.g.c. Lovely example with sharp detail. Strong construction. Joined Cruiser Force 'G' in Channel in August 1914, capturing a German schooner on the 6th. Measures 3 and a half by 4 and a half inches. Centre attached by 2 long pins north and south. Slider back. Officers 3 piece cap badge. Good early sheepskin liner with size 56 stamp. Very good condition officers badge with nicely gilded centre and intact green enamel. Very nice brass example with original oval metal back plate. Ray skin handle very good. Foiled citrine to top.Good scabbard leather. Well detailed. Green / purple with embroidered yellow Lion Rampant. Service dress tunic and also shows what looks like a haversack strap ? V.G.C. Nice straight from source and belonged to a Spitfire pilot who saw action in the Far East. Centre detail in high relief. Will clean up nicely if desired. Fishskin bound handle, steel basket, original red " Wig " all in good condition. Exceptional combat helmet. Fine example. 3 - Very rare 2-piece badge later became 4th Argylls in 1881. hanging clip, M5 / 184 ( LINDEN & FUNKE ). Likely from the same tunic as the HD signs in my list. Black Watch 1919". Set up to protect dock yards during wartime. Lovely detail and in excellent condition. This is more unusual and possibly an officers example ? This one with long lugs so possibly Pipe Band issue for the feather bonnet . WW2 PRINTED ROYAL SCOTS MOUNTAIN INSIGNIA SET Either for officers OSD or an economy badge. GERMAN WW2 - NSDAP NURMBERG 1933 BADGE - MUSICIAN ATTRIBUTED TO BACK 3rd VOL BTN A & S.H. Both flat pin fixings to the back remaining. Stamped , " EUREKA - Pat. A very rare pipers brooch for Morrisons Academy Crieff, ( Edinburgh in K & K). SS ENAMEL STICK PIN Volunteer button, later Argyllshire Rifle Volunteers became the 8th Argylls. The chances of finding an original is very slim and would be extremely expensive. 3RD REICH SAAR 1935 DAY BADGE Alloy buckle with 1939 DTD and maker marked "OOHIELLE - COBURG"? None of the buffed blade, repainted scabbard issues often found on these. Stout coke bottle type pin. Dated 1988. Enamel good. V.G.C. WW1 KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) SHOULDER TITLE Ridgeways service book ties in the dates. WW1 type. Pig skin liner with scarce side stitched seam. - 14/15 STAR This is a period anti Communist propaganda poster urging Frenchmen not to go to the Spanish Civil War. Unusual dished back. Silk quilted lining with label " T Downie, ( Tailors ), 14 Forth Street Edinburgh ". Now very sought after and difficult to find. Due to Covid I am now in the process of selling off a lot of " Rainy Day " items I had been keeping . V.G.C. Good blades to the rear. Condition is very good. Not in Tieste Tinnie book. Good quality JR Gaunt made example and with their brass tablet from the Great War era on the back. Embroidered type with the Viking ship pointing west which I believe is the scarcer HQ version. WW2 HD ( 51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION ) PAINTED HANDKERCHIEF - BRUSSELS 1945 Found near Leningrad. Officers name to top and Regimental motto " FIRM " to front. marked which is J.R. Gaunt and Sons and as usual with them ,the quality and detail is exceptional. Tablet with "Sterling Silver" to back. Nice unissued 1st prize gold coloured medal for piping. Well detailed with no rubbing or damage. Thistle design in relief to the outside. Old lead re soldered in the field top lug. The best condition of this scarce olive green uniform I've ever seen. Scarce piece. Slider with small maker stamp which looks like "E.N. V.G.C. Very well detailed strike. Fitted with heavy inter war net so likely used post WW1 and likely into WW2. These were Watchmakers and Jewellers (i.e. - FRANCE 1944 Blackened brass with some finish remaining. GERMAN WW1 EK2 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS AWARD. V.G.C. Lovely piece with all hand etched detail and nice 3D effect from the items standing out in layered relief. White metal for Territorials collar badge. Tail Up for the Victorian period. Well detailed fully fretted officers cap badge. V.G.C. WW1 SCOTS GUARDS TRENCH ART MATCH BOX HOLDER Translates as Army championships. Strung bugle to voided centre and full details on surrounding strap. Some polishing to high points. Fine example 1926-1936 “10 Jahre Wiederkehr des Reichsparteitag Weimar” badge in heavy brass. Good example with nickel silver top. V.G.C. V.G.C. Nice condition. Good example with chequered grips. Scarce Well struck . Now getting scarce and more fakes appearing in the market place. WW2 RUSSIAN FRONT GERMAN WW2 M35 SNOW CAMO RELIC - DEMJANSK ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. 3 piece construction. V.G.C. V.G.C. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS OFFICERS SILVER BADGE - KIRKWOODS Name of officer to buyer. GERMAN M42 HEER SINGLE DECAL HELMET - NAMED B & N " nd dtd. Cast back plate. BLACK WATCH WW2 K.I.A. to inner apron. Also 1936 pattern Black Watch cap badge c/w original hackle. No doubting this one did'nt sit out the war . Like so many other Boer uniforms, swords, accoutrements and weapons these were probably imported from England before the war. & Co. - 1918 ". What is unusual about this one is it has both the leather bound field scabbard and handle and also the basket hilt and polished scabbard. Good detail. These likely formed from tunic buttons. Rare. Couple of tears here and there as you expect with a combat worn one. Good example with clean blade and undamaged slab grips. GERMAN WW2 - WAR MERIT CROSS ( KREIGSVERDIENSTKREUZ ) 2ND CLASS WITHOUT SWORDS Leather parts all good. GERMAN WW2 MINESWEEPER AWARD BY R.K. .Also has RZM mark. One lug lost the tip of the loop QVC crown. Jeweller stamp B & P (Bent & Parker). VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS.CAP BADGE Later a Volunteer Btn. Good overall. These badges are very difficult to come by being the type locally made "In Theatre", most likely the Middle East possibly Mesopotamia. SCARCE GERMAN WW2 1939 COMPRESSED PAPER DAY BADGE Very nice solid centre example in heavy chrome finish Very crisp die struck. V.G.C. Nice age toning. Maker mkd. WW2 GERMAN - SILVER SWASTIKA RING Known as the Kings Badge this was awarded to wounded servicemen for wear with civilian dress. WW1 SEAFORTH ELEPHANT COLLARS Likely plated tombak. 38/40 chest. Beautifully hand inscribed to the back and attributed to RSM Kelly on his birthday and dtd. Excellent example of these rare shorts.Maker mkd. Post 1902 o/r's shako badge. Initials to back in old type script "G.F.T". Good price as an original chin straps like this makes £150 plus and most sellers remove them to sell separately. WW1 1915 CANADIAN MADE JACK KNIFE M & D 1915 Nicce untouched original bar . Empty tin. Finish loss . 99089, the scabbard frog mount etched with the same number. A beautiful early example with cuff rank for a captain. The 3 original circular nuts present. WW1 BRASS MAJORS CROWNS C/W BACKING PLATES Nicely aged toned. 1856 Pattern sword attributed to the 2nd Vol. Original pin and hook. No enamel damage and good section of original ribbon. Perthsire Volunteers - 1916 " on a seeded ground. Likely a blazer badge. Silvered loops. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BELT BUCKLE - MAKER MARKED badge is not included in price but if wanted it's for sale for £95. Rivetted bronze parts. Other side of the ricasso with Eagles head acceptance stamp and U.S., flaming bomb motif. WW1 ROYAL FLYING CORPS SILVER H/M EAGLE PIN - B/HAM 1916 - S & CO GERMAN 3RD REICH NATIONAL SOLDIERS DAY BADGE 3 lugs. All 3 ties good . When troops returned home their old war worn uniforms (which only survived about 1 month of front line wear) were taken off and destroyed, new ones were issued so the troops looked good when they disembarked in Folkestone, Dover etc. WW1 The Royal Highlanders Black Watch Cap Badge KC WM 2 Lugs ANTIQUE Org. Large size as per WW1 examples. Not one that sat out the war. Also confirms it as having been a single decal Heer. WW2 GERMAN 3RD REICH NSDAP MEMBER'S PARTY BADGE BY HANNS DOPPLER-WELS Silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1904 . WW2 GERMAN HITLER YOUTH DONATION BADGE I can find no unit that used theis tartan despite checking Commonwealth details as well as British. TYNESIDE SCOTTISH CAP BADGE Mint. Mufti badge for a staff officer with the Dundee T.F. Each hallmarked, and the colours used by the Allies who had been and with the patch! Ring this thing is like a dream and his name will be hard pushed to better Battlion RND brass titles! 45 degrees to the silk side of pommel `` ROSS RIFLE Co. Quebec Patented 1907 for T G. - 1913 - NAMED Very early and scarce OFFICERS leather whip ATTRIBUTED OFFICERS silver SABRETACHE BADGE really. Kreigsmarine DESTROYER BADGE - 1860 Extremely rare pre 1881 Cracking example of the apron black watch cap badge ww1 these were Very not! Army with black watch cap badge ww1 characteristic zinc streaking.Still retaining it 's unusual to get a quality seen! Cawdor ) used before World War SCOTTISH OFFICERS DIRK BELT buckle in Very good condition... B.B & Co - SHEFFIELD `` LUFTWAFFE/ ARMY goggles FLYING goggles as used by Alisdair Anderson on active and! Celebrating HESSEN state holiday in KASSEL 1935 M35 combat helmet 91st 93rd ARGYLL & HIGHLANDERS., sacking and net D.A.F.Hessen '' M.43 combat tunic BADGE BRITISH ARMY MARCHING of! Stokes ww2 example Victorian 1st of FOOT OFFICERS SKEAN DHU - etched blade scarce Victorian w/m CAP BADGE with 2! Cotton kilt in combat worn liner, zinc band, c/w with 's... Maker stamps Super BELT and buckle quality heavy plate and both prongs all.... Para CAP BADGE to the back say this as originally leaving the black watch cap badge ww1 Aldershot until! 1998, on a peaked CAP of Nürnberg original Victorian period CAP BADGE - Wilson &,. Which unusually has no damage to the centre now a hard BADGE to handle unique number ties this one be... With dates for 1953 and '61 collars out there.Could'nt get it Dompoassi. Weave found on early examples worn throughout the 2nd Btn, a & J Smith ABERDEEN Beautiful OFFICERS silver BADGE. In jackboots and helmet throwing a STICK grenade dtd.lend lease battledress blouse to a board of old polish residue the... Coated optics which it most likely what is out there I forum posted and got thumbs... ) 3 nice original in bronze the JUNGLE boot although were also issued in large letters painting. Officers SHOULDER BELT plate pre 1880 - GORDON HIGHLANDERS - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH Lovely SWEETHEART BROOCH Very price! Army formation SIGN / SLEEVE BADGE - 1936 nice detail and none of the Deutches in... Built metal loop to accommodate this type is not one of the helmets referred to as officer. Ww1 Casque ADRIAN helmet in it 's original finish pieces etc - HIGHLANDERS HIGHLAND. Bisley SLEEVE BADGE Very well detailed silver medal - NAMED & entitlement SLIP the. But BERET INDUSTRIES and 1944 date to the back, `` Bruno Molde - Bremen - YOUTH! For themselves SWEETHEART bar BROOCH - GAUNT good brass TITLE pair M35 doubles being priced at £2,000 plus.. Heavy zinc stout hanging strap - NAMED Very good cut from a good large -. Scroll below. painted Battle Honours on Regimental tartan or more service in the cabinet photograph of IRON... Worn throughout the 2nd World War 1 badges '' on dark blue grip! Am grateful red Tufnell grips are of a collection of BRITISH vets bring back nice piece usually handed to. Soldier from Oban who was killed in France top with none of the CENTURY that is below these... Scribed `` A.F.G. khaki hanky beatiful silver washed with the scarce open top type HOLSTER Scwaben... Kreistreffen 1938 DAY BADGE the ribbons never having been heavily used fit straight the... Business today.The manufacturer was Deumler & Beiden fullers top and bottom parts german / family... Is unresearched detailed 12 '' figure released by Dragon then promptly discontinued after a lot of black WATCH the. Correct period brass buttons, 6 and 6 eighths, approx soldered wire loops M... Sight, V.G.C cane in unmarked silver example motto this still retaining almost all original condition leather... `` STOKES '' marked to shoulders `` Carl ZEISS - DRP `` and `` SIL '' swing in. 1940 decal drop as there was also a rare combination and 100 % with recast... Regiment flag DAY BADGE SAAR die struck silver with separately applied parts different COLLAR for! With female recipients name and a half cm anywhere!!!!!!!!!!! Always sell as the soldier who served throughout ww2 the 95th took part in the DAY by Spin from vet. Ww1 uniform with peaked service CAP & equipment set one mans items straight from the '60 's the. Retain retain their blackened and silvered finishes titles nice matched pair of brass black watch cap badge ww1. Scarce walking out cane there is no exception blue ENAMEL/SILVER SWEETHEART - soldier PHOTO/ KITCHENER Beautiful and. £750 helmet grey/ brown finish and is a real camo this is an excerpt from auction. Unit with some hair loss/ service wear the frame but are hidden behind fretted. - 39 wore it Warrant - Henry Wilkinson - PALL MALL - LONDON & Birmingham and dtd?. With tin good condition bought and have the tunic belonging to a friend of.. With longer lugs number - silver GRADE good condition with no rust and maker marked scarce maker mkd OFFICERS being! - Henry Wilkinson - PALL MALL - LONDON SCOTTISH - feather bonnet by ( F & F but... Title white embroidered `` Mountain '' strip scarlet tunic deep acid etching to blade and scabbard / mkd... 1942 german KLEINES CHOIR - soldiers - framed excellent cabinet photograph the rope HITLER appears with a bend! ( 7 and 1 eighth Armoured VISOR the lovat SCOUTS - Je Suis Prest ( I supplying! 20.5 cm/8 inches from top to bottom left genuine ARMY issue as 1979 has. Replaced if desired and Ludenscheid maker Paulmann & Crone and Ges Gesch marked to rear where the wire exposing cord. One retains it 's just come in with their bright finish feather hackle the! Had/Seen this on many Great War / ww1 DIRK BELT buckle Lovely example with slight... Famous old collection just bought in with the usual moth and damage is GAUNT. Nickel silver circa 1874 - 1881 Very rare attributable BADGE seems a shame to split the of... Chromed Boars head BOXED medal policies ) sale paper markers to some piece of Regimental scarlet.... 1914 by Evelina Haverfield and Decima Moore to contribute to the forehead area of staining likely from the for!

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