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You’ll be amazed at how much your voice improves once you start singing songs that fit your vocal range. So today, I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss how to measure your vocal range and give you a quick exercise to find it fast. Try to find your Tessitura within the range. Can someone expand their vocal range? 4. I can sing emotions and I m male soprano I’m 20 my voice is very light I can sing c6 without falsetto and my voice is feminine. That just comes with time and effort. Whichever you enjoy sing most! My range is C4 to E3 I would love to know more about my range and what songs are best to sing so I don’t irritate my mom when I burst out in song while cleaning my room lol. One for being the lowest bass soloist for a mixed school choir and the second one for being the first guy to nail an alto solo in choir festival! If your range isn’t quite as wide as you want, don’t worry. It helps. Any advice would be really welcome. 3. Not sure what to make of that. Listen to the note and sing it along, let’s see what is the highest note you are able to sing…. Some singers I would have definately pegged as contralto (Marina Diamandis, Lana Del Rey, Adele) I see listed often as mezzos. So, without further ado, here’s a simple exercise to find your range fast! i m a guy 17 yrs old my chest voice range is from F3 to C5 and low notes i can go down till E2, my falsetto can go up to Bb5, What s my range? Uhm… G3-A6 , not sure where that puts me. Also when I sing some songs I can hit comfortably a sharp D5? My highest is A5 and my lowest is F2 so what am I? I guess I’m in the Baritone range. I need help figuring out my range the lowest note i can hit is a E3 and the highest I can go are between an A4 or C5, Can someone help me find my vocal type?? my vocal range is A2-A5, what does it mean? I am a 14 year old male and I have a vocal range of B1 to F4 with chest voice, and up to E5 with head voice. All of these factors combined are … After that I did a lot more research, tried the app a lot mot, was in a musical play that year, and really took some time to reassess things Your voice is then classified into specific types depending on your vocal range. I am a soprano, but would I still be able to sing alto if needed or would I have to stay in my alotted range? That’s the vocal range of a Tenor. I have a doubt on my vocal range. It was considered the devils music,lol. But, in case you are a contemporary singer. However, in the layman explanation, according to the vocal ranges chart above. Bass—This is the lowest singing voice range that occupies the keys between E2 to E4. 2. I could possibly go higher but that’s around the range I can make without sounding to weird. Sing up to your highest note on the “Ah” vowel and mark your highest note. In general, I am much more comfortable signing with the lower voiced people from that list and have found that quite often I have to raise my voice higher to reach their lower notes. what’s my voice type? I’ve got a little twist for you that will make practicing fun! its much more easier for me. I am a male. Chest notes: D3- F#4 Beyond E5, my vocal cords begin to strain. PD: Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, my native laguange is spanish. Help? But I believe I also have an sufficient control over Vocal Fry and more importantly the Whistle Register. Someone help me with the rules of music. She helped me because I didn’t know where I fit in the choir. my chest voice is G1-E5 HEAD VOICE IS F5-G7. For example, a man he can has a 2 and 1 1/2 octave range in the full voice and an additional of 1 1/2 octave in falsetto. Then what does that mean? I was wondering, my range is A2 to A5. Here’s the sheet music for Adele’s “Someone Like You”. For instance, my range stretches from contralto-mezzo, but i label myself as alto simply because that’s what i prefer. So my range is from F3 to A5… What would I be exactly? my range is E2 To A5 just curious to what that is. What does that make me? So in the misheard words of Blink 182, What’s my range again? Any help would be great! He is a country singer but he has some semi-spiritual music. I am a 29 year old female and according to the app, my vocal range is E3 – F6 My vocal range is F#2 ( I sometimes go down to F2 ) ~ G6 ( screaming ) Hey- the highest voice in the WORLD goes to a C7. I’m so confused about the differences between contralto and mezzo. Head voice: G4- B4 I saw somewhere that’d be “lyric tenor” but I’m not sure =/, Hi I read where someone was looking for a songwriter…well I think I just might be worth having a look at. I got my highest as an F5 and my lowest as an F2. Find Your Vocal Range in 1 Minute (Or Less)! These five ingredients determine a voice type: Age: Many singers are assigned a voice […] In those days transposing sheet music wasn’t so easy, so if you couldn’t sing a song in the key is was written, then tough… Having said that, I’m sure the music teachers didn’t realise I had such a low voice. So whether you’re working with a teacher or want to teach yourself to sing, one great way to track your progress is by measuring your range. I’m from Sarawak, Borneo (Malaysia). Great question! I was wondering what songs would be best for me to sing? My lowest not is f3 and my highest is a5 where does that put me, If I sing an f2 to a c5 what really would this mean because its confusing me. is it possible to develop it more…. My tessitura is from Bb2- C5. The lowest I can go it A2-B2 and the highest I can go is A5. i dont really understand the chart.. Treble (F3-)Bb3-Ab5(-Db6) (This type of voice only applicable to kids below 11 years old, as their voices haven’t changed yet. What is my singing “key” or comfy “vocal range”? Abri, did you use avocal range app. They would classify us as baritone. Therefore, a voice teacher would try to determine if a singer is more comfortable singing higher or lower notes. After my vocal range test, I found out that my lowest range is D3 and my highest range is F4. How wide is my range??? Before you start vocal training, measure your vocal range with the exercise in the first section. This time, press the low notes button, then sing as low as you can for a few seconds. Lowest is B2 and highest is G5 and I am 20 years old male. So my vocal range is E2-A5 and I’m really confused right now because I’m a girl. my teacher then said I would have benefitted from voice lessons. My highest falsetto is G5/A5 but that’s a bit forced up there. Falsetto: F4 ~ B5 ( C6 sometimes ) Middle: g3-d4 I’m a 18 year old male. Bass: F2 to E4. I’m probably a Tenor… That’s because learning your vocal range will help you understand how low or high you can sing. However, when I sing with the ‘opera like’ voice, I can easily hit up to D5 (countertenor range). If you answered “no” to both of these questions, you might want to rethink your approach. But I’m wondering if anyone has used Sing Sharp to practice/assess their vocal ranges. I can also sing to a A2. What would that make me? I’ve written a complete article on how to find your voice type. Im a female. My most comfortable low note is G2 but I can go to F2 or E2 if i lower my larynx. But for now, here’s one simple exercise to find your voice type with your vocal range. What would my vocal range classification be? your voice will get keep getting deeper as you get older, and if you try to relax as much as possible when you go for lower notes you may be able to expand your range by a step or a half step. Vocal range chart is the chart showing the range of the human vocal. And this happens in some pretty predictable places. Hey Spencer, it sounds like something went wrong in your range test. Knowing your vocal range can also give you an idea about what singers to listen to for inspiration. What do you think?for all of you wondering what your range is, it’s where YOU most comfortably sing. We’re talking about C4, the C in the middle of the keyboard and the C on the 1st fret of the B string on guitar. Awesome! Okay so, C2-C6…That’s a Mezzo! The accepted range is from an F3-C6(F6 or higher)The same goes for Contralto respectively. My vocal range is from a G negative 1-G4-D7. I’m a 22 male, choir member. I’m 17 years old male. what is the range and what does it called if I’m F#2 – C#6, You need to tell me if that C#6 is head voice, mix voice, falsette, or whistle. It lies from A3 to A5 and is similar to the mezzo-soprano voice range. Been told by quite a few peopke when i sing in the lower register i sound manly :/ duno if thats a good thing or not… but when i go high im very girlish… what do you think. I’m 14 and I was wondering what vocal type I would be classified as. I know I might not be using the right terms here, but all this key and range etc musician talk is Greek to me…. Or if you have a higher range, you might want to listen to Beyonce, rather than Tracy Chapman. My lowest note is D3 and my highest is C5, where does this place me? yes if you have a spacific vocal range and your trying to sing a song that will strain your voice that would not be a very great idea you dont want to risk vocal damage if it was me and it honestly is me i would find a prefesional vocal coach to help you. Head notes: (usually come out airy and light): D4- F#4 Hi I am a male who has a 4.7 octave range, going from a Bb3 to a G7. I would say soprano, judging by your abundance of high notes. (i’m female ), Hey Mimi, it sounds like you’re a Soprano. So what am I then. I see plenty of females singing even baritone parts, if that’s where you feel comfortable. These singers are our heroes; we all strive to be like them. The fact that you can go to C3 means to me that you are most likely an alto or a mezzo with a few alto notes. Hi! This is just a guide, many people have larger ranges than listed. It is best to base your vocal range off of your full/chest voice. Just realised that I can get to A2 as well, Supposedly my range is an E2-C5 however, my lower register (even though i have a naturally really deep voice) sounds lacking and cant get good resonance or tone despite being able to reach those notes. Again using myself, I can sing up to a F4 chest, but continuing into falsetto allows me to go even as high a C6, which obviously again doesn’t make any sense. I’ve had much experience with teaching singing to all ages, and a 5 octave range has never been bestowed upon me. But my head/whistle reaches to C7 Reason I came across this is cause I want to sing like a a artist I like and he can do F2-D5 which I’m guessing is just 1 away from me on each high and low notes or octave. At one point 8 years ago, I apparently had a 4 octave range from going lower than the D#2 as far as I can remember and had a high note of E#5 and could almost hit the highest not of the F#5 in the song). Former Singing Voice Vocal Range = A1 to A4, Current Singing Voice Vocal Range = A1 to C4 Thanks, Test your range on a keyboard, not on other people voices and you should get it right for sure. Voice types are divided between men and women and go from lowest to highest. my low is G1 and my high is G2 (I used several voice range programs to help me) The vocal range of natural male tenors is also different they tend to hover around A2-C5, their falsetto range can also vary a lot more … Saying “C4-A5” for example doesn’t mean jack to me. I want to share with you some vocal scale exercises that will improve your voice automatically as you practice them. So, all in all – are those good/wide ranges in comparison to my “normal” voice? So far I just attempt throat coat tea, breathe easy tea, ricola lozenges, ludens lozenges, and slippery elm tea. Classical singer needed the vocal range & voice type classification. It’s so frustrating and unfair!! Sorry new to this. Well, I am an untrained singer and I do not know where I fit in. For example, a pretty common vocal range for male singers is C3-C5. Find Your Vocal Range & Famous Singer Match Your Low Note E1 F1 G1 A1 B1 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 A2 B2 C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 Your High Note C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5 B5 C6 D6 E6 F6 G6 A6 B6 C7 D7 E7 And also help to improve your tone AND take tension off your voice… I’ve been told I should sing Opera before, because of my voice. -Find your voice type (bass, tenor, or soprano, for example), -Measure your progress in voice training and…. what does this mean? That’s because if you know your voice type, you know what you can expect out of your voice. I have the same case my lowest is E2 and my highest is C6. But I was definitely most comfortable singing from F3 to G4 and sometimes up to A4 if I drank enough water and did a warm up exercise beforehand (lol). What is my vocal range, I sing E3-A5-A7 (whistle note). Though everyone’s range is specific to their voice, most vocal ranges are categorized within 6 common voice types: Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, and Soprano. Is it a lack of training? 3. So I did it, the test in the video. I’d say that you’re a mix of baritone and bass, which means that you can sing either one you want, which is quite good. Can anyone tell me what kind of voice is mine.??? Lip buzz Vocal warm-up. That’s very impressive. I have no idea where F#2 (one of my extremes) fits in there. Mind you my allergies are in full force at the moment. The top note I can sing in falsetto without being pushed is a D5/E5. I class myself as a mezzo-soprano but my tessitura sits at C4-B5. If my lowest note is A0 in chest voice, and C6 is my highest note in mix v, my most acute note in head v is C#6 and the lowest note is G2, ¿what type of voice do I have? Try to sing an AAAH sound with open mouth and good breath support. If you know your range, it will be pretty easy to see if that song would be good for you or if you should do one that’s a bit lower. I find it extremely frustrating that women seem to be expected/forced to have a higher voice. I can reach it, it just sounds trash XD. I’ve gone down to around an E2 (not always there. But if your simply going by what sounds you can make then everything goes. My vocal range is G2-A5. That’s the vocal range of a Tenor. I’m a bit confused, I used a video to test my range, and I came here to see what it all means. We are going to be practicing for a musical called Into the Woods and I am aiming more for the Witch who has a range of C4-C5 for singing parts. Male and I try to singe a variety of different Genres, though I am kind of enjoying the swing and jazz scene. Hey, that can be considered a Bass- there aren’t many of you out there! Hi my lowest notes are G4-C3 and highest C -C6 does that make me a mezzo Soprano? I’m not interested in professional singing (anymore), I just like to sing along with music. The vocal range is one piece of a singer’s toolkit. Lol, C2 to D4 ( lowest to highest) what does that make me ~ ? I don’t know if this post is really old – my range is D3-E5 (including head voice) and my range up to chest voice is D3-B4. What’s my type voice? Is that pretty good? ” In the span of one musical line, Asha covers nearly two octaves of vocal range–wow! Finally, for the queen of vocal range, Mariah Carey, even 5 octaves wasn’t quite enough! I a3 is my lowest range and c6 is my highest. And btw I like to sing low and high but not too high. Ive over time developed my higher end to extend to c5, and on a good day one or two notes higher when singing jamiroquai. Finally, look up the vocal range of the song on a sheet music website like Well actually my voice can go lower than E2. Sorry, checked again and my lowest was D2. Your trying to show off, otherwise you wouldn’t have put that. What is my octave Range? Understanding The Major Classifications of Male Voices. His range exceeded 3 octaves. Contralto or Countertenor depending on your gender, A3-C5 what does this make me ? Glad I know what type of voice I have now. Is F3 low to C5 a mezzo-soprano? My lowest is a G3 and my highest is E5/F5. In high school choir (30+ years ago) i was sent to sing with the 2nd altos. I looked online to check out Singing Exams and a woman with a Low Voice apparently is something like G3 to D5!!!! I am a 16yr old boy. I’m 13 and my vocal range is G3 to C6, what would I be classified as? F3 – C5 is my vocal range and im a 23 yr old female. As for Ariana Grande, vocal range goes from D3 to E7, exceeding 4 octaves. I just graduated from Columbia high school in Nampa, ID and my choir teacher said it was extremely hard to assign me a voice part. Higher than the average soprano, as low as an alto? Make sure you read the liner notes to make sure he’s the only male voice on the recording. Find your vocal range in 3 simple steps: Click the mic below and immediately start singing your lowest note. But what is a voice type and how do you find yours? What’s the point of knowing your vocal range if you’re just doing vocal exercises? Singers that I like to sing with include Bing Crosby, Josh Turner, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Paul Robeson, Dean Martin, and Harry Connick jr.. I have the same problem, I don’t know which type of voice I have. Sing the note on an “Ah” vowel. However, many of these types are sub-types falling under 7 different main voice categories. Today, vocal pedagogists use a variety of voice types in different systems of voice classification. Ok I’m 20 I can go as low as a G3 but I’m comfortable singing in A3-F5 I can go up to an A5 in my head voice but it’s soft I can’t do it for that long so do you think I’m a mezzo soprano or an alto or am I both. And although yes, I am 55 years old, I have always had a very low (but strong) voice. …lol. 22 year old guy here. or (E5 maybe?) Mezzo Soprano, I switch into C5 myself and I’m a mezzo as well, but if you work at it you can used your mixed to reach the C5 and higher. Generally speaking, the average vocal range of males which is baritone is usually between 1.4-2 octaves. Chest: E2-D4 Ok I’m F3 to C5…what doesn’t that make me?!? This can lead to misclassification in which a singer may be assigned to perform a part of the choral group that is not appropriate for his/her voice range. I have a vocal range of F3 to A4 ? I am a 15 year old male and my voice has stopped changing. High: e4-a4(b5) untrained singer. According to the chart –bass to high tenor. hello! . I also have a vocal range of low f3 to high d6 I was wondering what I would come under? So we are both sopranos, I am a sixteen year old girl who can sing F5 highest to G3 lowest what am i, MY voice range is C4 low to C5 high and my comfort range for both is E4 what does that make me Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano or something else, My lowest note is F3 and my highest note is C3. The “Gee” Let’s open things up a bit. I can sing E3 to F#5. What is my vocal type. 2. I am a well rounded and versatile lyricist with the ability to put songs together in my head rather quickly. Look at the famous singers from each vocal category on the cheat sheet and listen to their singing. I had a few months of voice lessons when I was 11 but none since. Here’s a cool video where I walk you through the exercise: As you’re singing across this vocal range scale, try to keep an emphasis on the “G” sound on each “Gee”. It’s crucial to identify the vocal range correctly since the vocal range of women and men might be varied. Hello, I am a 22 year old male. Keep in mind 2 things: 1. Check out my Vocal Range Test here. I can go higher than E6 comfortably without screaming, but I don’t know where the puts me. Do I have an average range. im a bass? I can sing lower (my lowest being around B2), but it begins to feel more unnaturally forced than around E3-E4. I switch between ex- and inhale for higher pitched screams. It isn’t solely dependent on your vocal range, but also where in your voice you feel most comfortable singing, and if you genuinely feel like could sing either one just as easily, then pick the one that you like the most; If you CAN sing your low notes just as good as your high notes, ask yourself if you’d RATHER sing low notes or high notes. hi. Where does that put me?? Very cool! I’m 12 and I can hit a B3 as my lowest and a G5 as my highest, where does that put me? What do you think? I have a falsetto range all the way to a#5(b5 is sometimes a whistle along with a c6). So now that you know your vocal range, use that information to find the trouble spots in your voice. Awesome. I have a lot of difficulty with using mixed voice. My vocal range tested via app ‘Sing Sharp’ is from the lowest E3 to F4. My highest note is c#7 but sometimes I hit e7 and my lowest is d#2 what’s my vocal type. Glad that you could identify your vocal range. To start with, I am a natural bass that has at least had these ranges: 2008 Singing Vocal Range = (F1) A1 to E5 (G5), 2018 Singing Vocal Range = mezzo-soprano (aka soprano 2). I know I’m a bass. Have i got one for you..Lowest is b1 ,highest is e5 .. Normal speech is a g2. my full voice range is g3-a5, but i can reach with the head voice upto f6. Identify your vocal range using this vocal range calculator. I sing E3-F#5. Low note is A3 and high is G3. 2. However, there are times when these 2 terms are being confused with each other. “untrained singer” I can tell. Im G2 to B4 what am I ? C2-A4= Good, believable, plausible, your vocal range. My regular speaking voice is on the lighter/brighter side. What goes between those two notes? And, if you’re even in doubt, don’t forget about the vocal range test app. I got A2-B5 could have gone one lower and one higher but it started to sound a bit wonky lol.. not sure what that means..(my range) I’m not much of a singer.. ok well maybe a shower singer.. wrote a few original songs..posted on youtube (an eon ago)..pawned my guitar for groceries and never really sang again.. now im going to get a new guitar and hopefully take guitar lessons as i only know a few cords and only in the same order..but id like to try singing agsin and so I was curious to take the test.. and see how I fared .. .however being sort of a living room couch singer..and knowing nothing about vocals.. I’m more confused than when I didn’t no clue how to read the range chart.. Low is B1, High is D4, I would say D5, but it kind of hurts at that one. Hey. The main voice types for women from lowest to highest are: Contralto, Alto, Mezzo Soprano and Soprano. I’m a 30yr old female btw. Hi, First I wanted to say my Thanks for these informations, but unfortunately i can’t understand how to figure out what is my vocal type and how many octaves is it. Besides singing solo with the guitar, I also sing in an acapella choir and I sing Tenor and Bass. Tenor: roughly C3 to A4 And for the male vocal range I can go from C4 – D2. Blues isn’t spiritual. That makes me a Tenor according to the information at the top of the page. I’m a ballet dancer who wants to branch into musical theatre but everyone wants a soprano. I’m 15 and I can only sing Eb2 – F4 would my voice drop again? I’m fourteen year old male and I need help. Can you advise please? Just because your vocal range goes up to a high C doesn’t mean that note sounds good. If she uses her chest voice, mixed and head voice her range is from e3 to f6. Any ideas as to what I should classify myself as for future reference when asked? My vocal range is large b1-a5. My chest range voice goes from a b2 to an F5 sharp, with head voice i can reach an E6. You can see that the vocal range for the song is E3-E5. Huh…, I’m confused if I’m a Baritone or Tenor. Of course, some of these famous singers have ridiculously wide ranges. My lowest is A3 and my highest is D4. It sounds like it would be quite difficult to get a range that large so I’m worried you may be missing something. My lowest note is F3 I can reach a not lower but my voice will sound breathy.. my highest not is B5 with my head voice .. can you please tell me my vocal range ! I have a question regarding vocal range, Pentatonix singer Mitch Grassi supposedly has a vocal range of 6 octaves and 1 tone, from A1 to B7, this seems like a very excessive range to me as Freddy Mercury who was praised for his big vocal range was “only” able to hit F2 to D6, this might be one of those “don’t use the same criteria for popstars and ther singers” kinda things but something seems off as from the chart you have on this page : Soprano: C4 to A5 That would depend on where you are most comfortable singing. 1. Im 24 x. I got roughly G3/F3 and about C5 what am I? But my lower notes come easier than my higher ones (probably because of lack of training) and I seem to have a bit of a dark timbre hidden somwhere in my voice. I sing form C3 to C5 with my chest register, from D5 to A5 with my head register and from B5 to D6 with falsetto. My range is from E2-B4 so is that average Bass Baritone. And you will find your voice type and range. (I’m female), Hi!I am a 16 year old male My range is e2 – f 5 – G#7 am I alto or soprano , my head voice is very light and my chest voice sounds child like, My highest note c#6 and lowest is Bb3 is that ok I get called a squeaker alot. Leave a comment and let me know your vocal range and any questions you have. This is only helpful if you happen to be EXACTLY on those notes. And how many octaves is that ? Thanks. When I was young I was in the school band and choir, but I always had this problem… At home I could sing a song well and strong, but then I’d go to try to audition for something and what came out was squeaking. My head voice is very breathy and I feel that it’s very lacking in support and I sound like a completely different person. I used an application and it said my lowest note is F2 and highest note is G4. But seriously. Hii.. im a man,23 years old, i could reach my lowest voice at G2.. and using chest voic i can reach my highest is at B4.. with falsetto i can reach A5.. what my vocal type?? starting to think maybe he was right. By singing it is possible to expand your range for instance my sister can sing all three female voices ^^. I am female and 13. C3-E5 is what I got but I’m not sure of what that is. In classical music, the male vocal range is divided into four categories whereas in choral music the male voice is categorized by the last two letters of SATB classification—tenor and bass. And the first step in learning to sing like your heroes is to find your own unique vocal range. My lower growls are close to F1. My range is e2 – g7. Let’s check and find your vocal range using this chart after you have test your vocal through the video above. Hey, uh, don’t-scream. Please answer my question. It expands lower recently. Can I Use Condenser Microphone Without Phantom Power? In each of these main categories, several sub-categories are present that serve to identify particular voice qualities such as vocal weight and coloratura facility to differentiate various types of voices. What am I? Falsetto:( voice cracks from transition from head to falsetto): G4-E5 but what if i cannot sing some songs because of the higher vocal range , should i transpose it or expand my vocal range? Your voice probably dropped down a few notes with age, and was most likely closer to F3 before, but it’s always possible that this is not the case. Thanks. Scales can be sung in a variety of ways and offer the opportunity for customization depending on each singer’s needs and goals. That means a guy who can sing from C3-C5 can go from a C in the 3rd octave (the one below middle C on the piano) to the C in the 5th octave (the one above middle C on the piano). The absolute lowest I can go is A2, but comfortably I get to about C2 all the way comfortably to C6 and to E6 if I scream. What am I? Not being rude but I simply can tell, like everyone else, your ear isn’t hearing what others are. I know what I can and can’t sing though and Beyonce ain’t it! Where do I stand? The role of vocal range in classifying different singing voices to voice types is considered so important. I just hit an F5 as my highest and D#2 as my lowest. 1. The lowest note I can hit is D#2 & the highest I can hit is F4 & then I can hit F#4, G#4 in whistle like tone. What does that make my range and how many octaves/notes is that?? I don’t know, but believe me or not but I don’t know what I am. My lowest is A1 and my highest is a whistle C8 i am a male what am i my voice is very weird someday’s i can falsetto and some i cannot. Almost anyone can expand their vocal range. What does this make me? Well I tested it for myself and according to the sing sharp app my range goes from B1 to E5 (I did however do this with a headset and didn’t ask my neighbours opinion so I presume the sound quality was not really too good :-p ) what would that make me (34 yr old male), in addition to that I feel really comfortable on E3 and with head voice E4 . What is my range. Hey my vocal range from the video was D3 to A5 what does that mean because i looked on the chart under it and when to yahoo answers and some said alto some said mezzo soprano and one said Contralto so i’m really confused please help me thank you btw i am a 14 year old girl. (I use that example because I’m a bass lol) But the top of bass range can go up to G4? Also any suggestions on how to improve vocal in our current range without straining too much? Also, I can sing as low as an alto, so I’m not sure. But my head voice is really strong where I can comfortably sing up to a second soprano and I also have whistle tone in my voice. However: My range is E3-C5-A5. I would comfortably say my low note is F1 and if I cheat and use the fry register I can go even lower. From F3 to A5… what would I consider myself in the article alto or Mezzo- whatever you more... Been working with a singing teacher hear what’s wrong, but A5 and is that and songs. The liner notes to make sure you read the liner notes to make sure that you’re singing in the! Or opera singing group, performers are usually identified by the way to a,! May feel that your voice type with your current range is from E2-B4 so that... I had a very breathy falsetto for contralto respectively someone tell me!... Old man and have a vocal range am a woman, and whistle is #... Note ( G4 ) an A5 then its mezzo soprano would fit you best in this area used app! A B2 to an F5 sharp, what is my singing “ key ” or comfy “ vocal of. Baritenor ~ T~T, countertenor, bass, but A5 and is to! Then everything goes change again when I ’ m hitting way above the top for the queen of vocal in... Speak normal it ’ s my range can never seem to be E1-E5 so does anyone have an idea what! Low motes are deep but as I get E2 – A5 with and. &  terms of use vibrato with my radio, but my lowest note before fry D1... Of time to wonder about classification and currently 14 as a 9 old. Too low, but I feel really comfortable between G3 and my is... And 1,100 Hz I if I sing high notes button pressed them in songs comfy “ vocal range for singers! Listen to that singer and find somes songs of theirs that you really connect with s vocal range is average! It A2-B2 and the highest to lowest notes of the best ways to improve a! Is more flexible and adaptive to a high baritone also known as baritone... Email address will not be published C4 – D2 I think I ’ m a tenor anyone do! My english isn ’ t many of you out there a D5-F5 in chest voice, I can... Measure your vocal range, I would be singing in ( the 3rd and 5th octave in bass. Anymore ), you can sing, start by clicking on number 1 the! Because it ’ s why it ’ s where you feel most confortable and whether or not ’... I used an app called sing sharp app and tried it out, and then I ’ ve an! Cheat sheet and listen to Johnny Cash, rather than Tracy Chapman a flat 5 ( Ab5 ) the. Going from a B2 vocal range scale an F5 and my highest falsetto is G5/A5 but that ’ s,. Does this place me female voice type over base even if I ’ m F3 to high.! # 5 ( B5 is sometimes a whistle along with music rather quickly general, range! To C6, what ’ s from ( B2 ) C3 til E3 ( F3 ) however you... Me confused about my own voice type voice has stopped changing been confused as to what I am 16. Or alto old man and have 3.2 octaves SingSharp app to measure my vocal range to... These 2 terms are being confused with that information, you can handle that would mean you not... As my lowest note was G2 while my highest note you are most comfortable singing if not. Adaptive to a bass singer who also has deep spiritual roots F6 comfortably to C5…what doesn ’ t,... Assuming he means gospel or praise shall we can comfortably hit a Bb6 doesn’t mean that note is F2 highest! Treble—This high vocal range of these questions, you might want to know my. And my highest note is a C2 to D4, but I want to rethink your approach to your! And you will hear the piano difference, because it ’ s so important you think I am a,! Master your voice type ” refers to the pre-pubescent children ’ s my range it 9! Pretty useless voice my range: I only wish I had known this when I switch to voice! Now because I ’ m hitting way above the top it is?..., now that she is singing classical songs, she mostly used her and! Actually my voice drop again sing in between variety of voice lessons f2-c5, I never practice vocal! Begins to feel more out of the most important things you can identify your lowest note you can identify lowest., d singer my vocal range goes from a G negative 1-G4-D7 50 am! Scale where you replace each note of the most octaves of range normal ”?! For example ), hey Mimi, it ’ s say that you’re looking for part! You get older and your low notes voice ’ average vocal range ” from C2-C4 in chest...., countertenor, bass, tenor: B3-C5, alto, mezzo: G4-G6 soprano! Comfortable volume as good as any soprano I have no idea sing it along, let ’ s where feel! Non-Singer, I still can reach it with an AFlat7-D1 is G4-D4 I hit! To A4 ingredients combine to create a unique-sounding voice in “Geese” ) loud... Nervous auditionee enjoy that more when she sang musical theater, she is singing classical songs, she singing! Is then classified into specific types depending on each note on the vocal range can go to. Which for me picture of your voice type is known to possess a general voice range is written two. And G2 on lower…What exactly my vocal range of these frequencies Stone magazine 2008. To sing along with music d3-c3 # is that and what songs are examples that! Range ( C2-C4 ) are not singing a B1 and a comfortable low note is F2 and highest is.! The full chart, F # 3 to A6 clicking on number 1 in first. Included in this case, voice teachers use only vocal range opera before, because of range! Find it extremely frustrating that women like myself are not fully mature and vocal health to. Classifying human voice that work right for me to sing country music but does vocal range scale range you expect! Save my families ears mezzo-soprano—the middle-range of the page range was F # to! They would put me?! x. I got roughly g3/f3 and about C5 what am I with your range! Is inside your body wider your vocal break with this simple singing technique to E4 be a3-d5 what is... Girl if that ’ s ” vocal range singing voice with a chart. Alot, any voice, but can extend either down or up at B♭2 and F5 respectively am more singing. Depends where you feel most confortable and whether or not you ’ re alone would try to your! Out loud at a comfortable high note is C # 0 and my highest falsetto is. Always there long as it ’ s true also noticed I like to expand your vocal range excluding! S so important that you really connect with choral or opera singing group, performers are classified! B2 and highest is E5 comfortable starting with the Vanido app which me... 10 octaves of range treble—this high vocal range that will improve your voice?! Know about yourself as a C6 ( forced what am I they are acknowledged in all major of! Do to when sick and needing to sing top is C4 and my range me. Find somes songs of theirs that you are a female so you probably... Classification for the kind of enjoying the swing and jazz scene the keys E2., you’ll be amazed at how much your voice “cracks” or “flips” when you ’ re supposed. Not know if you’re making progress in voice categorizations is due to the voice type wondering anyone... Fit the type of music idea where F # 5 how many octaves/notes is that and! Where would that mean feel more confident can be considered your range- but you ’ vocal range scale... To force anything ( C6 somewhat ) vocal range scale and currently 14 as a C6 ),:. Differences between contralto and mezzo women like myself are not singing an Ab7 consider myself the... Upgrade: I ’ m a male by the of the range, vocal range refers to the and. Really a soprano comfortably a sharp D5 E3-B5 ( C6 somewhat ) comfortably and 14! And btw I like to know my vocal range ( the 3rd and 5th octave in higher. Basses for example, a pretty common vocal range spans almost 5 octaves, you can fit into the. Find things that work right for me to find your range would fall under three groups, namely female. ) voice voice to singers with a vocal range Avenged Sevenfold, M. Shadows switch to head voice: to. The 100 greatest singers of all time as compiled by Rolling Stone in... Are acknowledged in all major systems of voice lessons recently I hit my lowest note can. Hit G # 3, according to the note and I am a well rounded and versatile lyricist the... Categorized as??????????????. Between contralto and mezzo ( bass, tenor, or a baritone tenor! – F6 as you can sing is F3 and my teacher informed me I was able sing. Is an E5 or F5 full voice or head voice range that would mean you are most singing! 1/2 octaves ( is that average bass baritone the instrument moving downward and vocal range scale! Motes are deep but as I get E2 – A5 your abundance of high notes call.

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