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BE A RESPONSIBLE swapped in d44 and need an abs light fix for inspection: slcpunk74: Modified Tech Discussion: 8: March 16th, 2008 14:08: NJ Inspection - now engine light is on: 01XJLIMITED: OEM Tech Discussion: 10: December 3rd, 2006 12:01: HELP! If just the ABS light is on dash and no other check engine lights are on. My headlight burnt out the night before. Last time I went for an inspection the guy in front of me had a brake light out and his muffler was hitting the ground. We all know about celeb look-a-likes, but what about sound-a-likes? How it Works When the vehicle ABS ( Automatic Braking System ) light is on, the braking system will revert to the Default which is Standard Braking. The drive cycle ensures that the monitors are ready to detect malfunctions or problems in the vehicle’s emissions systems. Vehicle is out of state at time of inspection. It is true that your car will not pass inspection if the check engine light is on. If there is an acceptable reason according to NJAC 13:20-43.12, that you cannot present your failed vehicle for re-inspection, you may be eligible to receive an inspection extension: 1. During battery replacement or vehicle repair, the vehicle computer’s memory is reset. For some cars/trucks there is a dedicated light in instrument panel for the ABS braking system. Let's jump right in. ),beyond "Emissions and Check Engine Light". OK I replaced the upstream 02 sensor and got rid of teh CEL light on my 95 Eclipse GS beater car but I still have this ABS light on. Coating Inspection; Training and Compliance Management; ABS Group is a member of the Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Association and a voting member of the ASME/API joint committee on fitness for service (API 579-1/ASME FFS-1). ABS not working does NOT mean "the brakes have failed" on most vehicles. Perform a quick visual inspection to see if the parking brake is engaged and inspect the brake fluid level to ensure it is full. ABS stands for "anti-lock brake skid" safety control system. The ABS computer continuously monitors a number of sensors throughout the Vehicles in order to ensure that the anti-lock braking system is functioning properly Vehicles all times. Your car will not pass inspection with an ABS light illuminated on the dash in any state. You may get an inspection up to two months prior to the expiration date. Sorry if this is an abuse of this message board. The diagnostic connector is missing, damaged, or not functioning. 12 6 9 3 12 6 9 3 It started when I drove ot home from the tranny shop with a donut on it. View our Technical Inspection and Verification factsheet. Inspection stations occasionally, may not pass a windshield crack if it's in the path of the wiper blades. Low-Emissions Vehicle Program: Passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks made in the 2009 model year or later, and that do not weigh more than 8500 lbs must meet the California Low Emissions Vehicle Program standards. I have a Ford Laser, in this the ABS light comes on with the ignition key trend on, even after the engine is on the ABS light remains, but the brakes are not bad car drives abut 4,5 kilo miters and you stop the engine then start again the ABS light goes off. BE A RESPONSIBLE My headlight burnt out the night before. It could be a faulty wheel sensor, faulty ABS-ring, a wiring issue or just a blown fuse. I know WRX heads will bolt to a 2.5, but what about a older 2.2? View our Pressure Equipment Certification services factsheet. If only the ABS light is on and no other lights in dash are on, will vehicle pass Massachusetts inspection? Depending on the year make and model of car, ABS functions are easy to fix *particularly if it has small teeth in the CV joint. Anytime there is a problem with the ABS brake system it will turn the warning light on.

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