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... Where to buy Royce chocolate? Enjoy your last minute shopping. Cheers. Flavors – Choco Creme, Strawberry, Vanilla, Morinaga ChocoBall chocolate candy – choose your flavor, The Original Royce Potato Chip “Chocorate” in Milk Chocolate, Box of Royce Baton Cookies in Coconut flavor, 4-pack of Kit Kat Bags in Variety Assortment of Japanese Kit Kat Flavors, Peko x Sanrio characters Strawberry Chocolate Bar, Roam the Gnome’s™ Guide to Finding Supermarkets in Tokyo, Tokyo Station snacks shop – the famous Tokyo Okashi Land, An Epic Guide to the BEST Japanese Candy & Japanese Sweets, The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Street Food, The ULTIMATE List of Things to Do in Tokyo with Kids, Tiny squares of Royca Nama Chocolate in matcha, leaf chocolate (similar to “after dinner mints”) and. <<

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